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106-Year-Old Grandma Is A YouTube Sensation For Her Cooking Videos

106-Year-Old Grandma Is A YouTube Sensation For Her Cooking Videos

Mastanamma's lovingly refer to her as Granny-ji.

New Delhi: In Andhra Pradesh's Gudivada village, Mastanamma squats on the ground as she chops vegetables, stirs pots and prods the fire in front of her. She's 106-years-old, but that doesn't diminish her enthusiasm for cooking. In fact, ever since she became a viral YouTube sensation and the world's oldest YouTube star, her passion for cooking has only increased. Through her channel Country Foods, Mastanamma teaches her millions of followers the traditional way of cooking, using fresh ingredients and flavourful combinations. Whether it's a watermelon chicken or French fries 'village style', she has thousands of people viewing her videos from all over the world.

Mastanamma's foray into the world of food blogging began when her great grandson, K Laxman, along with a friend, decided to upload her video on YouTube. "I wanted to show how people used to cook traditionally in the olden days... then I thought of my grandmother, Mastanamma" says Laxman.
Now, as an Internet sensation, Mastanamma has millions of followers worldwide. Many refer to her lovingly as granny-ji. Watch her in action below:

"She didn't understand what was happening when we were filming the videos, but when she started to realise it, she felt very happy," says Laxman.

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