This Article is From Mar 19, 2018

Kerala MP's Wife Shares #MeToo Story In Book, Sparks Political Row

In her book "The Other Side Of This Life", Nisha Jose alleges that she was "harassed" on a train by the unnamed politician's son.

Nisha Jose is the wife of parliamentarian Jose Mani and daughter-in-law of Kerala Congress chief KM Mani

Thiruvananthapuram: The wife of a Kerala parliamentarian, Nisha Jose, has touched off a political controversy with #MeToo allegations in her memoir. Though she hasn't named anyone, Shone George, the son of a legislator, has filed a police complaint against her saying the allegations appear to point at him.

Nisha Jose, the wife of parliamentarian Jose Mani and the daughter-in-law of Kerala Congress chief KM Mani, has detailed the allegations in her book, "The Other Side Of This Life - Snippets of my life as a Politician's Wife".

She alleges that she was "harassed" during a train journey. She writes that she told her harasser she wanted to sleep, but the man wouldn't stop talking to her. She says he "touched her feet accidentally three to four times" while shifting in his seat and everytime "I was uncomfortable and felt violated."
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Nisha Susan's allegations in her book have fuelled a political row in Kerala.

"Some may think I am overreacting to an accidental touch on my feet. Let me assure you if it was 'accidental', any decent man would apologise and move away. This was done three to four times, while intentionally sitting with a co-passenger of the opposite sex, late at night, that too when he had his own seat," she writes. Referring to possible skepticism at her account, she adds, "...I was the one who went through the ordeal, and I was the one who felt violated. And I can sense the difference between a good touch and a bad touch."

He crossed the "Lakshman Rekha (line)", she writes, adding that often "his hands brushed my toes 'accidentally'". She says she complained to the ticket examiner but he refused to help and said, "If this gentleman is anything like his father I dare not intervene. You are both friends politically also. Later it will fall on my head."

Shone George has filed a complaint with the police saying he is being suspected wherever he goes and Nisha Jose should just name the person. 

"Even if she hasn't named me, based on her hints in the book, everyone seems to be pointing fingers at me. I want the police to investigate and bring the truth out. It is not fair that I should be blamed," said Shone George, who is also considering suing Nisha Jose for defamation.
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In her book, Nisha Jose alleges that she was "harassed" during a train journey.

The allegations have fuelled a political row in Kerala. Nisha Jose's father-in-law is one of the most powerful politicians in the state, and Shone George's father PC George is the only independent lawmaker in the state assembly. Both are influential in the Kottayam district.