He Returned To Confront Men Who Harassed Daughter. Moments Later, He Died

Varanadu Ramesh, 50, died during fight with men who had harassed his teen daughter


  • Man collapses, dies during altercation with men who harassed his daughter
  • Cops say he was a heart patient and had 80% blockages in heart
  • Initial report of 'unnatural death' changed to murder, 3 harassers named
Thiruvananthapuram: A 50-year-old man collapsed and died in Kerala during a confrontation with a group of men who had harassed his daughter.

On Wednesday, Varanadu Ramesh kept driving when three men catcalled and whistled at his teen daughter, riding pillion on his scooter.

Mr Ramesh, his 17-year-old daughter and 16-year-old son were returning from an Eid dinner when they passed the men, sitting idly on a wall.

After dropping his children home around 9.45 pm, Mr Ramesh turned his scooter back, promising: "I'll be back."

He never returned.

His children had sensed that he was enraged, and had begged him not to go.

The police say Mr Ramesh went back and confronted the men who had harassed his daughter.

According to Mr Ramesh's brother, who arrived later, he collapsed in the middle of a fight with the men.

A medical report said he died of a heart attack; he was a heart patient and had a mild attack 10 years ago. Based on the initial report, the police registered a case of "unnatural death".
The case has now been changed to murder and three men have been named in the complaint.

Police sources say Mr Ramesh had 80 per cent blockages in his heart. "But the provocation and the pressure and panic could have been because of the manner in which the harassers behaved," a source said.