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MERALGRAM (MQX) Railway Station

  • Name : MERALGRAM
  • Station Code : MQX

Meralgram Railway station is situated in Meral, Jharkhand. Station code of Meralgram is MQX. Here are some trains that are passing through Meralgram railway station like Tribeni Express, Sgrl Pnbe Lnk Ex, Pnbe Sgrl Lnk Ex, Cpu-gmo Pass, Chopan Barwadih Link Expr, Brwd-car Pass, Car-brwd Pass, and many more.

Trains passing MERALGRAM (MQX) Station:

Name Number Source Destination Runs on
TRIBENI EXPRESS 14371 Source BARWADIH JN Destination TANAKPUR Runs on All Days
SGRL PNBE LNK EX 23347 Source SINGRAULI Destination PATNA JN Runs on All Days
PNBE SGRL LNK EX 23348 Source PATNA JN Destination SINGRAULI Runs on All Days
CPU-GMO PASS 53344 Source CHOPAN Destination NSC BOSE J GOMO Runs on All Days
CHOPAN BARWADIH LINK EXPR 14372 Source CHOPAN Destination BARWADIH JN Runs on All Days
BRWD-CAR PASS 53351 Source BARWADIH JN Destination CHUNAR Runs on All Days
CAR-BRWD PASS 53352 Source CHUNAR Destination BARWADIH JN Runs on All Days
TRIVENI EXP 14370 Source TANAKPUR Destination SINGRAULI Runs on Mon, Wed, Fri

MERALGRAM (MQX) Railway Station Map:

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