"Beg, Borrow, Steal, It's Your Job": Court To Centre On Oxygen Crisis

A furious Delhi High Court slammed the centre, accusing it of not caring about human lives, and underlining: "You can't have people die because of no oxygen"

'Beg, Borrow, Steal, It's Your Job': Court To Centre On Oxygen Crisis


  • Delhi High Court pulls up centre over handling of oxygen crisis
  • Court asks Centre to seek petroleum, steel industry help for crisis
  • Industries will be ready to help, it is a national emergency: Court
New Delhi: The Delhi High Court on Wednesday tore into the centre over its handling of the city's oxygen crisis, and across the country, precipitated by a deadly second wave of coronavirus infections that has taken India's active caseload to over 21.5 lakh.

These are the Delhi High Court's sharpest comments:

  1. The citizen can only fall back on the state. It is the responsibility of the government. Beg... borrow... or steal, it is your job.

  2. How is the government so oblivious of the reality on ground. You cannot have people die because of no oxygen. You take your own sweet time and people die.

  3. You are concerned with industries while people die. An emergency of such a nature. That means human lives don't matter for the government.

  4. Today the position is hospitals have run dry. This is really ridiculous. Our concern is not just Delhi. We want to know what the centre is doing with regard to oxygen supply across India.

  5. Oxygen requirement has gone up several times. It is the centre's responsibility to ensure sufficient supply. We direct them to protect fundamental right to life, by whatever means.

  6. Yesterday we told you (the Union Health Ministry) about the petroleum and steel industries' oxygen. What have you done? What is the outcome... We aren't bothered about files (when told the department had begun "moving files" on this matter).

  7. If Tatas can divert oxygen produced from their steel plants why can't others. There is no sense of humanity or what? The government can divert oxygen from steel and petroleum industries that are producing oxygen for their use.

  8. Industries will be ready to help. It is a national emergency. If you pass an order asking to divert oxygen, no industries will say no. And you have your own state-run petroleum companies. We gave several orders yesterday. What have you done the whole day?

  9. Why is the government not waking up to the reality. We are shocked. What is happening? Stoppage of oxygen at this stage to hospitals... hell will break loose.

  10. Please look into the gravity of the situation. Thousands of lives are at stake. Do you want to see thousands of people die?