This Article is From Apr 04, 2018

Woman Carried Disabled Husband For Weeks. Help Came As Photo Went Viral

Husband's leg had to be amputated, woman carries him on her back to health centre for a disability certificate

Woman Carried Disabled Husband For Weeks. Help Came As Photo Went Viral

Bimla Devi carrying her husband on her back in Mathura


Every day for the last few months Bimla Devi has been carrying her husband on her back to a government health centre, from her home in Gita Vihar near Uttar Pradesh's Mathura. Her husband Badan Singh's right leg was amputated after a nerve-related illness.

A free wheelchair from the government hospital requires a disability certificate and Bimla has been doing the rounds of the health centre in Mathura to get one. "We went to many different offices but still haven't got the disability certificate," Bimla told news agency ANI.

What finally helped was the heartbreaking image of Bimla carrying her husband on her back, widely shared online. Bhupendra Choudhary, a minister in the state's Yogi Adityanath government, said "It's shameful in a civilised country." The minister said he would do his best to help the couple.

Finally, Bimla got the certificate today.

"We are in deep trouble; our financial condition is very bad. We can't afford a cycle-rickshaw every day," said Bimla, describing her struggle to get a wheelchair for her husband.

Bimla's household was once a happy one. Her husband was a truck driver and used to earn enough to get by.

Last year, Bimla's husband developed clots in his leg, which turned gangrenous and had to be amputated. The couple's medical expenses mounted and the entire financial burden fell on Bimla. 

Now he is stuck at home and she has to manage everything on her own.
With a wheelchair, he can now look forward to a better life.

(With inputs from ANI)