This Article is From Aug 30, 2011

Wah, MLAs! Shoe vs slipper in Rajasthan Assembly

Jaipur: It was shoe-for-a-shoe in the Rajasthan Assembly where MPs abandoned all pretense at dignity and attacked each other.

First, an MLA from the Opposition BJP allegedly took off her sandal and hurled it at members of the ruling Congress, one of who allegedly responded by holding up his shoe as a threat.

Congress MLA Raghu Sharma interrupted BJP's Pramila Kundara while she was speaking in the House. Ms Kundara accused Mr Sharma of illegally transferring public land to his wife.

This allegedly prompted  Mr Sharma's sexist remark, "This is the Vidhan Sabha, not a ramp for modeling."

A sandal was hurled from the BJP section at the Congress. It's not clear who took aim.
Mr Sharma later claimed the slipper "...was flung by BJP MLA Bhawani Singh Rajawat inside the House."

Not about to take the high road, Mr Sharma then held up his shoe menacingly at the Opposition. 

The House was adjourned several times over the incident.