Uber Driver's Sweet Gesture For Exhausted Passenger Wins Hearts On Internet

LinkedIn user Harsh Sharma's post has been liked by nearly 30,000 users. The driver's heartwarming gesture is a hit on social media.

Uber Driver's Sweet Gesture For Exhausted Passenger Wins Hearts On Internet

The Uber driver took the passenger to a restaurant.

A heartwarming post from a LinkedIn user is going viral on social media in which he talks about the kindness of an Uber driver in Bengaluru. The user, Harsh Sharma, said in his post that the driver named Ravi got to know that he had not slept due to a flight. Ravi asked him if he had his breakfast and Harsh said no. So the driver took him to a restaurant and even arranged a table for them. The user even posted a photo of the two eating in the restaurant.

Mr Sharma began his post by saying: "The person you see in this photo, he's not my relative, friend or anyone whom I knew until this happened."

"This Uber driver named Ravi unlike other cab drivers talking on earphones due to language barrier, he saw I haven't sleep due to my flight. He organised the seats so I could lay down. Then he asked me "sir breakfast eat?". I said no. He told me "you sleep, I stop at good restaurant", 1 hour later he wakes me up. We are at a very crowded restaurant, he arranges a table for me. The restaurant was self service, but he brings menu to me and suggests some specialities of south India," Mr Sharma added.


After they finished their meal, Ravi brought a coffee for him and said, "Isse neend khulegi", according to Mr Sharma's post.

"He didn't let me leave the table, I've met him an hour ago still he's treating me like his son," the LinkedIn user added.

Mr Sharma also said that two other people joined them on the table, which he said is a rare sight in Delhi.

"An average man in his 50s just left a life long impression on me and I am left here just feeling sooooo good and wondering that somewhere in this fast paced life we left humanity way behind," said Mr Sharma.

The post has amassed nearly 30,000 likes and the driver's sweet gesture moved LinkedIn users.

"I'm glad you got to meet a gem of a human being like Mr. Ravi," commented one user.

"It's good to hear about your wonderful experience. All it takes is to let others experience a similar experience when they interact with us maybe as our customers or as associates or neighbours etc," said another.