Sopore killings: Angry Omar Abdullah lashes out

Sopore: Suspected militants shot dead two teenage sisters from North Kashmir town of Sopore after kidnapping them on Monday.

Jammu and Kashmir Chief Minister Omar Abdullah strongly condemned the killing of the two sisters. He wrote on his twitter page, " If you can't condemn the killing of these two girls, irrespective of your political beliefs & do so without qualifying it then shame on you."

Speaking to reporters, Abdullah said, "Why this was done, I find it difficult to understand. Obviously no one has the guts to take responsibility and this brings out the contradictions in Kashmir. If there was the slightest indication of high handedness of the forces today the whole valley would have been up in flames but since terrorist are involved, condemnation, if any, is muted. All kinds of violence has to condemned."

The two girls, aged 19 and 17 were reportedly dragged out of their homes in front of their family and shot dead just half a kilometre away from their home.

No militant group has claimed responsibility for the incident yet.There have been no protests following the incident and Sopore town remains relatively calm.