China, In R-Day Hotline, "Responded Positively" On Missing Teen: Minister

Mr Rijiju said that they are likely to intimate date and time soon and the delay was attributed to bad weather conditions on their side.

China, In R-Day Hotline, 'Responded Positively' On Missing Teen: Minister

17-year-old Miram Taron was reportedly kidnapped by the Chinese army.

New Delhi:

Union Law Minister Kiren Rijiju today said that a hotline was exchanged between the Indian Army and China's People's Liberation Army (PLA) on Republic Day regarding the Arunachal Pradesh teenager who was reportedly kidnapped by the PLA a week ago from Indian territory. "PLA responded positively indicating handing over of our national and suggested a place of release," he said in a tweet. 

Mr Rijiju said that they are likely to intimate date and time soon and the delay was attributed to bad weather conditions on their side.

The minister had on Tuesday said that the safe return of the boy is a priority and had appealed to people to be cautious in making statements about him.

"We are constantly following the case from day one. I appeal to everyone to be cautious in making statements which are not based on facts because the safety and safe return of our young Arunachal Pradesh youth is the priority. Miram Taron, aged 19 years of Jido Village in Upper Siang District, was found missing on January 18 at Shiyung La in Bishing Area. Some people reported that Chinese PLA had taken him into their custody," Mr Rijiju had tweeted. 

He had said yesterday that since the teenager was missing from an area close to LAC (Line of Actual Control), the Army immediately approached the Chinese side on January 19, asking for assistance in tracing and return of the teen, in case he had strayed into the Chinese territory or PLA had taken him in their custody.

"Chinese side assured that they would search for the individual and return him as per established protocol. Later on January 20, the Chinese side intimated that they had found a boy on their side and requested for further details to establish the identity. To assist the Chinese side in corroborating the identity, personal details and photo of the individual has been shared with the Chinese side by the Indian Army. Response from the Chinese side is awaited," the union minister had said on Tuesday. 

The father of the missing boy has also urged Prime Minister Narendra Modi to bring back his son from China and threatened to cross over the order if they fail. "If they fail to bring back my son, then our family members and villagers have decided to cross the border and go to Chinese PLA camp to bring back my son. We don't know what they have done to my son... if he's alive or not," the father, Apun Taron, told regional channel Northeast Live.

An eyewitness, Johnny Yuing, who went with Miram Taron on that day, had said, "I went with Miriam for hunting at Siyangla area but due to darkness we couldn't proceed. Suddenly Chinese PLA came and took Miriam in their captivity. They chased me but I managed to flee the area. I informed the nearest Indian Army checkpost about the abduction. The next day, I returned to Tuting and informed Miriam's family members and the Indian Army camp at Tuting."

Upper Siang district of Arunachal Pradesh shares the international boundary with China. People from Arunachal Pradesh often go to the interior areas for hunting.