Republic Day 2022: Amid COVID-19 Pandemic, Here's How To Make January 26 Memorable At Home

Instead of venturing out and exposing yourself to infection risk, there’s a lot you can do at home to celebrate Republic Day.

Republic Day 2022: Amid COVID-19 Pandemic, Here's How To Make January 26 Memorable At Home

Republic Day 2022: Here are some ideas to make the most of the public holiday from home.

This year, Republic Day will again be observed in the shadow of the COVID-19 pandemic. Authorities have urged people to make sure they follow all COVID-19 guidelines – like wearing a mask and maintaining social distance – as they participate in the celebrations.

It's advisable to stay at home and not venture out unless absolutely necessary. How about making the most of the public holiday? You can devote the day to a hobby or organise activities at home with limited gathering, preferably with only family members. Sounds good, right? So, here we offer a few ideas on things you can do to make January 26, 2022, every bit memorable.

1) Organise a quiz for children

Children are bound to miss the fanfare associated with Republic Day celebrations in their schools. Organising a quiz competition around the theme of modern Indian history or movies made on this theme could be a nice way to ensure they have a great time. The adults can always help out the children when they struggle with the questions.

2) Cook up a delicious meal

No celebration in India is complete without a feast. Set up a grand, flavourful family lunch or dinner. Make some sweets. Basically, unleash your culinary skills to impress your family and enjoy the day with a variety of home-cooked food. It's also great for bonding.

3) Curate a movie list

You could pick a movie of your choice, but it's always better to get a vote on what everyone else in the family would also like to watch. Turn off the lights, draw the curtains and sit down together with some soft drinks and popcorn for that theatre experience.

4) Watch the parade on TV

The possibility of fog has pushed the start of the Republic Day parade in Delhi to 10:30 am. You can really use this 30-minute delay to your advantage and finish your morning chores to watch the personnel of armed forces marching on the Rajpath. It will be one of the grandest affairs this year.

5) Unwind in the evening

Remember the good ol' days when antakshari was everyone's favourite pastime? You can plan a musical evening in your living space/ balcony with some snacks to keep you company or play board games with your family members.