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5 Quotes From Judges On Finding Talwars Not Guilty Of Killing Aarushi

5 Quotes From Judges On Finding Talwars Not Guilty Of Killing Aarushi

Aarushi murder case: Rajesh and Nupur Talwar were sentenced to life in prison in 2013.

Lucknow: Nupur and Rajesh Talwar were today found innocent of killing their only child, Aarushi, and their live-in help, Hemraj, in 2008 at their house in Noida near Delhi. The case transfixed and polarized the country about who had committed the double murder. The CBI had argued that circumstantial evidence indicts the Talwars and that their home was not broken into on the night of the deaths, which means that it was an inside job by the only other occupants of the flat. But judges of the Allahabad High Court today rejected that theory.

Here are 5 observations they made:

  1. CBI has failed to prove beyond reasonable doubt the Talwar couple killed them (Aarushi and Hemraj)

  2. CBI has failed to prove that no one else entered the house during the night

  3. In cases where you depend on circumstantial evidence, the benefit of doubt goes to the accused

  4. The accused will be given benefit of doubt. They can be held guilty only if the facts established is entirely consistent with their guilt

  5. Hypothesis of the agency was not conclusive in nature. The chain of events given by CBI snapped because CBI could not prove that no one entered the house at night

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