This Article is From Dec 16, 2016

PM Narendra Modi's Address At BJP Parliamentary Meet: Highlights

PM Narendra Modi's Address At BJP Parliamentary Meet: Highlights

PM Narendra Modi addressed his party members in a Parliamentary meet amid deadlock in Parliament.

New Delhi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed his party members in a parliamentary meet. Senior BJP leaders including Home Minister Rajnath Singh, party chief Amit Shah and Parliamentary affairs minister Ananth Kumar are present at the meet. The meeting comes at the crucial juncture of the the last day of Parliament's Winter session this year. This year's winter session saw opposition and government lock horns over implementation of demonetisation policy, announced by PM Modi on November 8.

Here are the highlights of his address:
  • In 1971, we defeated Pakistan, liberated Bangladesh but at that time the opposition was strong, didn't ask for proof.
  • Opposition in 1971 did not ask for proof of the army's valour, but today's opposition does
  • Today not all are with us in fight against black money. Thank Nitish Kumar and Odisha CM for supporting it.
  • Supreme Court said that government for 65 years nobody thought of money stashed away in abroad to country.
  • Supreme Court said to UPA: You have failed in duty which in turn has paved way for panel with former judges.
  • Supreme Court said to UPA: What have you done except filing one report
  • In 1971, Wangchoo Panel was formed, there was a report which said about demonetisation in 1946 that 'We are fully aware of not too successfully result of demonetisation' but will be happy if its implemented today.
  • Demonetisation is not the last stage of the fight
  • There was a senior IAS officer, he wrote a book
  • Yashwant Chavan was then the finance minister
  • When YB Chavan told Indira Gandhi about demonetisation that it should be implemented, she told him 'Doesn't Congress want to fight more elections'
  • If they would have implemented note ban in 1971, the country wouldn't have suffered
  • Want to ask the communist parties, why they joined hands with Congress for polls
  • First I thought it was to uproot Mamata (Banerjee) in Bengal, but after seeing their behaviour in the Parliament, I feel they have forgotten about their ideology
  • Jyoti Basu said the primary recommendation for immediate demonetisation was not only suppressed by Congress but delayed by year and a half, this he said in Parliament.
  • On December 4, 1972, Basu suggested demonetisation, he said government must seek people's co-operation but Indira's govt is a govt of, by and for black money
  • We have to take forward the fight against corruption
  • Have to take forward digital movement
  • Lucky grahak and digi dhan yojana will be launched on Christmas
  • There will be a draw, 15000 account holders will Rs. 1,000
  • Transaction limit above Rs.50 and less than Rs. 3000, scheme will go on for 100 days
  • If you all go and spread the word people would be more interested in digital payments