This Article is From Mar 16, 2020

PM Modi's Video Guide To Prevent Spread Of Coronavirus

PM Modi's Video Guide To Prevent Spread Of Coronavirus

PM Modi shared a video to explain simple steps to curb coronavirus. (File)

New Delhi:

Prime Minister Narendra Modi today shared a video on social media and listed some "simple steps" to curb spread of coronavirus as number of cases climbed to 110 in India, with Maharashtra reporting maximum cases (37).

"Rumours are spreading fast at this time... I urge all of you to stay away from rumours," PM Modi is heard saying in a video shared on Instagram as he explains the significance of taking precautionary measures instead of panicking over the highly contagious disease, declared a pandemic by the World Health Organization last week after it spread to over 100 countries. 

"Wash hands... do not touch face, eyes," he adds as he explains that people often touch their face, eyes with dirty hands that leads to spread of infection.

"While those who are infected are already quarantined, even those who are suspected to have the infection should not be scared... Contact doctor immediately and heed the advice of experts," PM Modi says in nearly seven-minute long clip. "The infection can spread to family members... it's better to maintain personal hygiene," he adds.

In a series of tweets, posted with the hashtag #IndiafightsCorona, PM Modi this afternoon shared different examples of how India is combating COVID-19.

"Responsible citizens can add great strength to the fight against COVID-19," he wrote in a post.

"It is a united and coordinated response from everyone. This shows the strong spirit of our nation in such situations," PM Modi wrote in another tweet shared this afternoon.

In one of the posts, replying to another citizen, he wrote: "Doing our best to ensure everyone is healthy and those showing symptoms get proper care. #IndiaFightsCorona."

Coronavirus or COVID-19 has spread to 143 nations, the World Health Organiszation said today. In India cases have been reported from Delhi, Maharashtra, Kerala, Rajasthan, Karnataka, among others. 

Worldwide, over 5,000 have died, more than one lakh are infected. The epicenter has shifted from China - where the illness originated in December to Europe. 

On Sunday, a video conference call, PM Modi suggested the creation of an emergency fund with "voluntary contributions" to counter the novel coronavirus in SAARC nations -- India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Bhutan, the Maldives, Nepal and Sri Lanka.