This Article is From Aug 04, 2021

Government "Arrogant": Opposition's Joint Statement Says Discuss Pegasus

Pegasus scandal: 14 opposition parties demand parliament discussion in joint statement, say government "arrogant, obdurate"

Government 'Arrogant': Opposition's Joint Statement Says Discuss Pegasus

Pegasus Row: Government so far has issued a statement saying no illegal surveillance has been undertaken.


  • Pegasus Row: 14 opposition parties say government "arrogant, obdurate"
  • Opposition parties claim the matter has "national security dimensions"
  • After the discussion, the Opposition wants Home Minister's reply as well
New Delhi:

Fourteen opposition parties have demanded a discussion on the Pegasus issue in parliament, including a reply from the home minister, claiming the matter has "national security dimensions".  Accusing the government of being "arrogant" and "obdurate" in its refusal of a discussion, their joint statement said the government alone is responsible for the continuing deadlock in parliament.

"It is unfortunate that the government has unleashed a misleading campaign to malign the combined opposition and blaming it for the continued disruption in parliament," read the joint statement from the opposition.

"The responsibility for the deadlock lies squarely at the doorsteps of the government, which remains arrogant and obdurate and refuses to accept the opposition's demand for an informed debate in both the houses," the statement added.

The opposition pushback follows the government attack on the Congress, blaming it for the disruptions in parliament. Prime Minister Narendra Modi has led the attack in the Congress, and asked BJP MPs to "expose the party before the public and the media".

"The repeated adjournments forced by the opposition were "an insult to the constitution... to democracy and to the public", he said.

The explosive reports by a consortium of global media houses, alleging that a host of opposition politicians, journalists and others were targets of the Israeli military grade spyware Pegasus -- erupted into a huge political flashpoint last month.

The government has come under pressure after the software vendor NSO said its clients are only vetted governments and their agencies.
The opposition is up in arms, demanding a discussion in parliament.

The government has so far issued a statement saying no illegal surveillance has been undertaken. But the opposition is adamant and the Monsoon Session has been hugely disrupted as the opposition is pressing its demand.

The Pegasus issue has also reached the Supreme Court, which will hear a clutch of petitions on Thursday. Most have asked the court to order an independent investigation into the matter.