This Article is From Aug 08, 2014

MP Who Advised Women on 'Dignified Dressing' Says He is Sorry

MP Who Advised Women on 'Dignified Dressing' Says He is Sorry

Telugu Desam Party's Member of Parliament Murli Mohan Maganti.

New Delhi: A lawmaker from the Telugu Desam Party or TDP has offered to apologise for his comments in a Parliament speech, after his stern lesson to women on the virtues of "dignified dressing" drew sharp protests.    

Murli Mohan Maganti, the 74-year-old MP from Rajahmundry in Andhra Pradesh, said during a debate yesterday in the Lok Sabha on crime against women, "To uphold the tradition of Indian culture, I would earnestly appeal to all my sisters and girls to dress in a dignified manner."

Women members in the House were appalled and strongly censured the remark by Mr  Maganti, who is an actor turned politician.

He later said, "My intentions are good. I hold women in high esteem. If I have hurt anybody's feeling I apologise."


Attempting to explain his comments, the lawmaker said, "As per our Indian culture, I asked them to wear dignified clothes.

He said he would meet the Speaker on Friday.

"In the House I will clarify it and if they will feel that I was wrong, I will apologize," he said.