Momo Challenge: ICSE To Request Parents To Keep A Watch On Their Children

Bengal ICSE schools are making parents aware about the dangers of online games like Momo Challenge and Blue Whale Challenge.

Momo Challenge: ICSE To Request Parents To Keep A Watch On Their Children

Momo Challenge: ICSE schools urging parents to monitor their children's online activity to ensure safety


With reports of Whatsapp messages inviting young people to play a dangerous online game called 'Momo Challenge', the Association of Heads of ICSE schools, West Bengal, has called upon all member schools to urge parents to keep a watch on their children.

The Association's West Bengal unit general secretary Nabarun Dey told news agency PTI that they did not receive any report about student of any school having received such message, nor had the association been given any 'Advisory' by the CID or the police till date on the issue.

However, going by media reports "two days ago we have asked the member schools to undertake sensitisation drive among children and their parents about the danger, inherent of certain on line games like 'Momo' Challenge and 'Blue Whale' Challenge.

"We are acting on our own and this is aimed at sensitising the guardians and the students about the menace of certain on line games - earlier 'Blue Whale' and now 'Momo'," he said.

Asked to elaborate on the sensitisation drive, he said, "we have asked the schools to tell the students during the assembly before classes every day that they should keep away from certain on line games."

"We have also asked the schools to ask the parents to ensure they keep a tab on what games their wards are playing at home," Nabarun Dey said.

Nabarun Dey, also the Principal of Central Modern School, Baranagar, said the sensitisation programme had already started in his institution.

There are about 150 ICSE-affiliated schools in the plains and 30 schools in Darjeeling, Kurseong and Kalimpong in he hills.

The state CID had earlier said all the numbers from where the messages were sent to the people in the state to play the Momo Challenge were based abroad and an investigation had been initiated into it.