No Karnataka Trust Vote Till Monday, Speaker Adjourns Assembly: 10 Points

Karnataka Crisis: The Supreme Court has left it to the speaker to decide on the resignations of the rebel lawmakers.

HD Kumaraswamy accused the BJP of manufacturing a crisis for his government.


  • Prove majority by 1:30 pm today, Karnataka Governor has told government
  • Ruling coalition says it is bound to follow only the assembly Speaker
  • It appears to be in a minority after losing support of 18 lawmakers
Bengaluru: Karnataka's Congress-Janata Dal Secular coalition won a two-day breather as the assembly was adjourned despite Governor Vajubhai Vala asking for a trust vote on Friday, hours after the government ignored his previous deadline of 1:30 pm. "Kindly prove your majority by the end of today (Friday)," Governor Vajubhai Vala wrote in his second letter since Thursday to Chief Minister HD Kumaraswamy. The chief minister said: "The second love letter has hurt me." But Speaker KR Ramesh Kumar called it a day after marathon speeches by coalition leaders and despite the BJP's BS Yeddyurappa saying his lawmakers would wait for a vote even if speeches went on till midnight.

Following are the top 10 developments in this big story:

  1. The coalition, which is in danger of losing power after multiple resignations, says the Governor cannot ask for a test of strength when the government has asked the Supreme Court for a clarification on an order that allowed rebel lawmakers to skip the house in defiance of a party whip.

  2. In his second letter, the governor said detailed debates and discussions were held only to delay the floor test. "When the allegations of horse-trading are widely made and I am receiving many such complaints, it is constitutionally imperative that the floor test be completed without any delay and today itself," he wrote.

  3. BJP's BS Yeddyurappa, after the assembly was adjourned, said Monday will be the last day of the Kumaraswamy government. "We are dealing with this peacefully. They don't have the majority and they are not letting the one with the majority to also rule. We are 106 and so they are postponing. They are trying to horse trade, but it's not happening," Mr Yeddyurappa told reporters.

  4. Mr Kumaraswamy, in a long speech in the Assembly, accused the opposition BJP of offering "Rs. 40-50 crore" to lawmakers to switch sides. In his second statement in two days, he warned the BJP of Judgement Day. "...the only consolation is that there is coming a day when all will give an account of their lives to God," he said.

  5. As Mr Yeddyurappa insisted on an immediate trust vote, Mr Kumaraswamy said: "After 14 months (in power), we have come to the final stage. Let's have a discussion. You can still form government. Nothing urgent. You can do it on Monday or Tuesday also. I am not going to misuse power."

  6. The coalition also alleged that the governor was under pressure to recommend president's rule. Top central government sources rubbished the allegation, saying there was "no question" of central rule in Karnataka. "How long can they avoid a trust vote? One week to two weeks? We are watching the situation," said the sources.

  7. In protest against the Speaker's decision to end proceedings without a trust vote on Thursday, BJP lawmakers had spent the night in the assembly, eating dinner and sleeping on the floor of the house.

  8. The Supreme Court has left it to the speaker to decide on the resignations of the rebel lawmakers. At the same time, the court said on Wednesday that the rebels cannot be forced to attend the assembly, prompting the coalition to seek a clarification on whether or not they can be disqualified for defying a whip.

  9. Sixteen legislators - 13 from the Congress and three from JDS - have resigned in the last two weeks, and two independent legislators have withdrawn their support to the coalition government. One Congress rebel, Ramalinga Reddy, appears to have returned.

  10. The ruling coalition had 118 members in the 224-member assembly. If the resignations of the 15 legislators who approached the Supreme Court are accepted, the government will be left with 101 members. With the support of the two independents, the opposition BJP has 107 legislators, which is two more than the majority mark of 105.