When 2 Nuclear Nations Fight, "Consequences" For World: Imran Khan At UN

India will use the right to reply option later tonight to rebut the Pakistan PM Imran Khan's speech.

Imran Khan also made the bizarre claim that "there are no militant organisations in Pakistan."

United Nations:

Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan said on Friday when two nuclear armed countries fight it will have "consequences" for the entire world, making multiple references to Jammu and Kashmir in his speech at the UN General Assembly. "It is a test for the UN," he said, speaking shortly after Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who, without mentioning Pakistan, urged the world to unite against terror.

India will use the right to reply option this morning to rebut the Pakistan PM's speech.

In a long speech that far overshot the 15-minute time limit, Mr Khan focused mostly on his campaign to protest India's decision to end special status to Jammu and Kashmir under Article 370.

"If a conventional war starts, anything could happen. But supposing, a country seven times smaller than its neighbour is faced with the choice - either you surrender or you fight for your freedom till death. What will we do? I asked myself this question. And my belief is there is no God but one. And we will fight. And when a nuclear armed country fights to the end, it will have consequences far beyond the borders," he said.

Imran Khan also made the bizarre claim that "there are no militant organisations in Pakistan."

The Pakistan PM's war rhetoric was in sharp contrast to PM Modi's peace message from the same podium few minutes earlier in which he said India is a country, that has "given the world, not war, but Buddha's message of peace."

Without naming Pakistan, PM Modi had said there needed to be more anger globally about what terrorism was doing to humanity. "When we raise our voice against terror, it is with seriousness and anger," he said.

"We believe that terrorism is not a challenge for any one country but for all countries and for humanity. For the sake of humanity, the world has to unite against terror," he had added.

During his week-long US visit, PM Modi has, without once making a direct reference to Pakistan, made it clear that the country is the epicenter of terror and needs to act against terrorists operating from its soil.

On Thursday, the US said any easing of tensions between India and Pakistan is dependent on Islamabad taking action against those who engaged in cross-border infiltration.

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