Exam Centers Must Have CCTV surveillance In Every Room: Yogi Adityanath

Chief Minister Yogi stressed comprehensive improvements in the selection processes and instructed to ensure the timeliness of these processes.

Exam Centers Must Have CCTV surveillance In Every Room: Yogi Adityanath

Yogi Adityanath gave major guidelines in meeting with chairpersons. (File)


Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath held an important meeting with the chairpersons of various selection commissions, in the presence of senior government officials, on Saturday to expedite the selection process for vacant posts in various departments, said an official statement.

Emphasizing the need for integrity, transparency, and confidentiality in selection examinations, CM Yogi stressed comprehensive improvements in the selection processes and instructed to ensure the timeliness of these processes. He also inquired about the current selection procedures and future plans of the commissions, as well as their expectations from the government.

The major guidelines given by the CM Yogi in the meeting include:

The state government is dedicated to safeguarding the interests of the youth, valuing their hard work, merit, and talent. Anarchic activities like paper leaks or solver gangs are utterly unacceptable. Stringent actions must be taken against every individual involved in such crimes, setting a precedent. It's imperative to enact strict laws to address such criminal activities promptly. Therefore, necessary measures should be taken expeditiously.

Selection commissions are expected to timely release the calendar for recruitment examinations and adhere rigorously to it. It is imperative to recognize that any deviation from the calendar inconveniences the candidates.

All selection commissions should coordinate mutually to ensure that only one examination is conducted per day. On the one hand, this will make it easier for the exam organisers to make arrangements, while on the other hand, it will be a great convenience for the youth.

Information has been received about discrepancies regarding 'equivalent qualification' in determining educational qualification for certain posts. The respective department must address this issue promptly and provide accurate information to the commission.

Only government secondary schools, degree colleges, universities, polytechnics, engineering colleges, medical colleges, or reputable well-equipped and funded educational institutions with a clean track record should be designated as examination centers for selection examinations. These centers must have CCTV arrangements in place. Additionally, examination centers should be located exclusively in urban areas. It is essential to consider the needs of women and disabled individuals when determining the examination centers.

If an aided college is designated as an examination center, the concerned manager should not have any involvement in the examination process. The principal of another institute should be given the responsibility of the center administrator. The District Magistrate and the District School Inspector should also be involved in the system. If any irregularity occurs, they will also be held accountable.

Recently, the Education Service Commission has been formed, making major improvements in the process of teacher selection in primary, secondary, technical, vocational, and other educational institutions. The commission's members have been appointed, and the chairman's appointment will follow promptly. It is expected that the newly formed commission will initiate the selection process on schedule.

There is a pressing need for comprehensive improvement across the entire system, encompassing the processes of paper setting, printing, delivering them to the treasury, delivering them from the treasury to the examination centres, arrangements for the examination centre, delivering OMRs to the commission after the examination, scanning of OMRs, and result preparation. It is advised to engage different agencies for distinct tasks and assign responsibility only after thorough scrutiny of the agency's records.

There should be two or more paper sets in each shift. Printing of the question paper of each set should be done through different agencies. Paper coding also needs to be further organized. Female personnel must be deployed for searching purposes.

To uphold integrity and confidentiality, selection commissions must maintain communication with top government officials and the STF before, during, and after examinations.

Immediate implementation of necessary improvements for ensuring examination integrity is imperative. The Appointment and Personnel Department should contact the selection commissions and implement it as soon as possible.

Utilize the e-adhiyachan system for streamlining the appointment process. Departments should meticulously review the rules before submitting requisitions for appointments, ensuring no unnecessary delays in the recruitment process.

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