Drug Major Sun Pharma Hit By Ransomware Attack: 5 Facts

The major information breach has impacted the drugmaker's business operation and the company said it has taken steps to contain the damage.

New Delhi: Mumbai-based drug major Sun Pharma said on Sunday that a ransomware group has taken responsibility for the March 2 information technology security breach.

Here are five facts on this story:

  1. On March 2, Sun Pharma reported an "information security incident" at the company, adding that the impacted assets have been "isolated".

  2. 25 days later, a ransomware group claimed responsibility for the information breach. The infringement of the IT systems includes a breach of certain file systems and theft of certain company and personal data, Sun Pharma said. 

  3. "The Company promptly took steps to contain and remediate the impact of the IT security incident, including employing containment and eradication protocols to mitigate the threat and additional measures to ensure the integrity of its systems infrastructure and data," Sun Pharma said in a statement.

  4. As part of its containment strategy, the company isolated its network and initiated a recovery process, resulting in the company's business operations being impacted. 

  5. As a result, revenues are expected to fall, Sun Pharma said. The company added that it is currently unable to determine other "potential adverse impacts" of the incident, including other security incidents or the possibility of litigation.

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