Digital Connectivity Should be Basic Right: PM Narendra Modi at Indian Science Congress in Mumbai

Prime Minister Narendra Modi speaking at University of Mumbai.

Mumbai: Prime Minister Narendra Modi inaugurates the 102nd session of Indian Science Congress at the University of Mumbai today.

These are the highlights:

  • Before beginning my speech I would like to pay tributes to Shri Vasant Gowarikar
  • It is a great honour to participate in the Indian Science Congress. I thank University of Mumbai for hosting it
  • I feel humbled by the work that scientists do. And, I find science and technology an invaluable ally in governance and development
  • Human civilization has advanced because of the basic human spirit of enquiry and quest for understanding our universe and world
  • It is a search driven by the belief in what our Vedas described as, Satye Sarvam Pratishthitam - Everything is established in Truth
  • Science may be the product of human brain. But, it is also driven by the compassion of human heart -the desire to make human life better
  • We have here with us Nobel Laureates, whose work in science has given new hope against dreaded diseases
  • Science and technology has helped reduce poverty and advance prosperity
  • A nation's progress and its human development are linked to science and technology
  • Science & technology can also remove national barriers, unify the world and advance peace
  • When we speak of science & human dev, we cannot divorce it from questions of political decisions, social choices, equity, ethics &access
  • Human development has been larger purpose and driving force of India's scientific pursuits. And, science has helped shape modern India
  • Our scientists have placed us at the forefront of the world in many areas
  • Whenever the world shut its door on us, our scientists responded with the zeal of a national mission
  • When the world sought our collaboration, they reached out with the openness that is inherent in our society
  • Our achievements give us pride, but they do not blind us to the enormous challenges that we face in India
  • There is a mood of optimism for change in the country, the energy to pursue it, and, confidence to achieve it
  • But, the dreams we all share for India will depend as much on science and technology as it will on policy and resources
  • To me, the arms of science, technology and innovation must reach the poorest, the remotest and the most vulnerable person
  • Our investments in science & technology are far too concentrated in the agencies of Central Government & must become more broad-based
  • Have placed science and technology at the forefront of our diplomatic engagement.
  • Our children should see role models in scientists as much as sportsmen.
  • I would personally love to meet the best of our young scientists.
  • We should draw inspiration from our achievements in the last decade.
  • We need to put science and technology and innovation at the top of our national priorities.
  • Digital connectivity should become as much a basic right as access to school.
  • Our long term global competitiveness will not depend on what others are doing but the process of sustained development and innovation.
  • Arms of science and technology must reach the poorest.
  • Ease of doing research as important as ease of doing business.