This Article is From Aug 01, 2015

Blueprint to Counter Islamic State and Radicalisation Soon: Home Ministry

A high level meeting attended by top cops of 10 states and counter-terrorist specialists of security agencies was chaired by Union Home Secretary, LC Goyal.

New Delhi: The Union Home Ministry will draw up a "blueprint" to counter radicalisation among youth and possible spread of Islamic State (IS) in India, after a meeting with top officials today.

This was decided at high-level meet in the Capital that was attended by top cops of 10 states and counter-terrorist specialists of security agencies. The meeting was chaired by Union Home Secretary LC Goyal.

Though officially India maintains IS hasn't made any dent in India and only a handful Indian youth have joined the group, but New Delhi is worried.

The blue-print is expected to stress on "community initiates" and will involve religious leaders to prevent radicalisation. "In our understanding, the community plays a critical role in preventing radicalisation as do religious leaders," a senior official who attended the meeting told NDTV.

Besides, the "blue print" will suggest means to monitor the internet and also how counter the IS agenda online. "The internet plays a key role in radicalisation and there is need to not only monitor but also ideologically counter IS in cyber space," the officer said.

The National Technical Research Organisation (NTRO), which also participated in the meeting, also shared means to monitor the internet.

Finally, the ministry's blue print will lay down measures and "red flags" for the State Police organisations to follow on the ground to latch on to signs of radicalisation early on.

By tracking ticket bookings and by keeping watch on the ground, central agencies have prevented at least 20 youths from leaving India for Syria. "For direct intervention we will suggest similar measures," a senior officer told NDTV.