This Article is From Feb 26, 2010

Another land scam troubles Army

Pune: After the Sukhna Land Scam shook the Army, a multi-crore scam involving Defence land is brewing in Pune. The Army has filed a complaint alleging that land sharks have grabbed prime defence land worth Rs 800 crore.

In Pune's Lohegaon area, right next to the international airport is Defence land - a Rs 800 crore property. Now the Army has discovered, that land sharks have grabbed 69 acres of it from right under its nose.

The Southern Army Command has filed a complaint with the CBI saying:

•    The encroached plot has been in possession of the Army since 1920s

•    Revenue records show this as military land

•    Vested interests have manipulated land records in favour of certain individuals

•    Revenue records and land records of the Defence Estates Office have been changed

In conclusion, the Army has made an alarming statement that land sharks have been making concerted efforts to grab defence land at prime locations.

The manipulation of the Army and revenue records raises questions about whether officials both from the government and the Army could have been involved in this deal.

The builder who has taken over the property refused to speak, saying the dispute is now in court.