66% Ministers In Modi 3.0 Between 51 And 70 Years Old: Analysis

The analysis was done by the Association for Democratic Reforms.

66% Ministers In Modi 3.0 Between 51 And 70 Years Old: Analysis

Seven ministers are between the ages of 71 and 80.

New Delhi:

A recent analysis by poll body ADR has revealed a predominant presence of senior leaders, aged between 51 to 70 years, in the nation's political landscape.

According to the Association for Democratic Reforms (ADR), 47 out of 71 ministers - accounting for 66 per cent - in the new council of ministers have declared their age between 51 and 70 years.

The report analysed 71 ministers, providing insights into the age distribution within this group.

The data indicates that a significant majority of the ministers fall within the age bracket of 51 to 70 years.

Specifically, 66 per cent of the ministers, or 47 individuals, are within this age range.

Breaking down this category further, 22 ministers are aged between 51 and 60 years, while the remaining 25 are between 61 and 70 years old.

In the younger age brackets, 24 per cent of the ministers are aged between 31 and 50 years. This group includes 17 ministers, with two ministers in the 31-40 age range and 15 ministers in the 41-50 age range.

The report also identified a small but noteworthy segment of the ministers who are aged between 71 and 80 years. This group consists of seven ministers, representing 10 per cent of the total analysed.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi, along with his 71 ministers, took oath on Sunday as the new coalition government was formed after two full tenures in which the BJP enjoyed a majority on its own.

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