Simple And Effective Tips To Tackle Workplace Depression

Depression at workplace may have an adverse effect on your health and may negatively impact performance at work. Know the causes, symptoms and tips for prevention of workplace depression right here.

Simple And Effective Tips To Tackle Workplace Depression

Depression at workplace could be because of lack of job security


  • Excessive work pressure can result in workplace depression
  • Workplace depression can make you feel tired all the time
  • It can cause absentmindedness and blackout

Hardly any months in your new job and you have started feeling depressed? Well, this is not a general feeling but relates to a widely known concept known as workplace depression. This is a serious illness faced by numerous youngsters. Workplace depression can be defined as the way you think, feel or behave at your work. It may have an adverse effect on your health and may negatively impact your performance at work. The first step towards to tackling workplace depression is knowing that you have it. Keep reading to know the causes of workplace depression and the effective ways to tackle with it.

Causes of workplace depression

1. Little command over the job: You can feel tensed with no or very little control over your job. This happens when you start feeling inferior to someone regularly tries to control you.

2. Lack of job security: Lack of job security and the fear of losing job can make people face workplace depression.

3. Workplace bullying: You can be a victim of depression when they experience workplace bullying. This can be due to the prevalence of inequality and the misuse of power.

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4. Extended pressure: Because of extended pressure on in a working environment, you can become anxious and develop depression.


Extreme levels of work stress can lead to depression at workplace
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5. Parental guilt: Parental guilt can be a huge cause of depression as you can develop feelings of worthlessness and guilt of not reaching up to the mark of parent's expectations.

Impacts of depression at workplace

1. Trouble concentrating: While suffering from workplace depression you usually tend to get distracted from other activities and multiple thoughts which are going on in your mind and thus have trouble focussing on important tasks.

2. Feeling anxious: A feeling of anxiousness is an outcome of workplace depression. When you attempt to work in an environment you are not comfortable in, you will feel anxious and scared of the outcomes.

3. Loss of excitement and energy: People start to lose interest in the work they perform. They mostly lack enthusiasm and this affects their quality of work.

4. Absentmindedness and blackout: Forgetting things and usually blacking out is a sign of depression. When one feels depressed they suffer from absentmindedness and are often unable to perform well in certain time-bound tasks.


Depression at workplace can cause absentmindedness and blackout
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5. Feeling tired all the time: Feelings of fatigue and tiredness are different underlying impacts of workplace depression. Once you start to feel depression you suffer from boredom and feel tired all the time.

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Depression at workplace: tips for prevention

Depression at workplace can happen to anyone as it has no or less relations to the gene structure or brain chemicals of a person. Therefore, there are many identifiable ways to cure it.

1. Identify your feelings

Always consider identifying how you feel about your emotions. Once you start to recognise how you feel, you are likely to find the solutions to resolve it.

2. Attempt to seek support

Once you find the courage to recognise your feelings, you should always allow people to address them positively. An attempt to seek support can help manage your emotions better as it involves the opinions of people who think positively about you. This can also help in establishing trust among people.

3. Take breaks

This technique can prove as a wonder while you are suffering from workplace depression. (MHPs) Mental health practitioners suggest that taking short breaks between working hours can help you from getting distracted quickly and makes you feel fresh every time you begin to work after the quick break.

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4. Divide tasks

Dividing the tasks while you're working can become a very effective strategy to cope with workplace depression. This way, you work with shorter goals and an assignment which makes you feel accomplished and helps in developing more confidence on yourself.

5. Practice eco-therapy methods

Often trying eco-friendly methods of coping with depression can also help you in many ways. This involves creating a healthy and eco-friendly environment by surrounding your work area by adding fresh green oxygen plants or lively animals like fish to reduce the level of stress. Consumption of healthy food can also help drastically.

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