This Article is From Mar 07, 2023

UK Man Arrested In Columbia With Cocaine Worth Over $2 Million

A British man who attempted to travel back to the UK while carrying 23 kilogrammes of cocaine was detained at a Colombian airport.

UK Man Arrested In Columbia With Cocaine Worth Over $2 Million

The man was stopped as he tried to board a flight to Bogota.

A British citizen has been arrested at an airport in Columbia carrying around 23 kilogrammes of cocaine worth around $2,40,2040, according to The Metro News.

The news outlet further reported that the man was scheduled to take a trip from Alfonso Bonilla Aragon International Airport to Bogota, the country's capital, where he would supposedly connect with an aircraft to England.

The man was being watched by security personnel because of his odd behaviour at the airport. However, the sniffer dogs were able to assist in apprehending the man. Although he has not yet been identified, the authorities are attempting to determine where the 23 kilogrammes of cocaine that were wrapped in 16 different bricks came from.

As per the news report, if sold in London, the haul's estimated value would have been close to two million pounds.

"The man had been remanded in prison following his appearance before a judge," said Ever Gomez, the local police commander.

In the UK, drug imports have recently become a critical challenge.

According to a Guardian report published in 2021, a senior investigator has revealed that British organised crime groups are working closely with former international rivals such as the Italian mafia to import increasingly large cocaine shipments into Europe.

Lawrence Gibbons, drug threat lead at the National Crime Agency, said there was evidence that British gangs were forging an increasingly collegiate relationship with other powerful European crime groups, a notable development in the traditionally hyper-competitive world of cocaine trafficking.

Gibbons, who has 40 years' experience in the field, said the NCA had begun finding large cocaine consignments in the same shipping container that appeared to be divvied up between criminal groups from different countries, which had joined forces to share the same sources and logistics.