Shikhar Dhawan Says He Has "No Contact" With Son: "Emotional Father's Day"

The cricketer said, "It's a emotional Father's Day for me without hearing from my son, as I have no contact with him."

Shikhar Dhawan Says He Has 'No Contact' With Son: 'Emotional Father's Day'

Shikhar Dhawan was granted divorce from Aesha Mukerji last year.

Cricketer Shikhar Dhawan has penned an emotional post on the occasion of Father's Day today. The batsman said that he has "no contact" with his son and it is an overwhelming day for him. Sharing a picture with his father and son, Mr Dhawan wrote on Instagram, "Wishing my dad a very Happy Father's Day. Thankyou for everything. Also, It's a emotional Father's Day for me without hearing from my son, as I have no contact with him so wishing Happy Father's Day to all the fathers experiencing the same feeling. Sending love and positivity to them."

Notably, Shikhar Dhawan was granted divorce in October by a Delhi Court on grounds of "cruelty" inflicted on him by his estranged wife Aesha Mukerji. The court had given mandatory visitation rights to Mr Dhawan to meet his son in India and Australia. Further, it also ordered Ms Mukerji to bring their son to India for visitation purposes.

In October, the ace cricketer shared a screenshot of a video call with his 10-year-old boy, who is in Australia. In the picture, Zoravar was seen standing wearing a hoodie while Mr Dhawan was seen smiling and looking at him. He also added famous poetry by Gulzar alongside the picture in the caption, "Ek Ajeeb Si Betaabi Hai Tere Bin, Reh Bhi Lete Hai Aur Raha Bhi Nahi Jaata."

On a podcast with Humans of Bombay, Mr Dhawan said, "Wherever he is, I hope he is happy hopefully one day he will come and see me. I am in love with him but at the same time, I am also detached. I don't want to push him." "I write messages to him every day, I don't know whether he is receiving those or not, whether he is reading it or not. I don't have any expectations. I have accepted it. I am a father and I am trying to do my duty. I miss him, I feel sad but I have learnt to live with it," he said.

Mr Dhawan also revealed how he used to meet his son after being separated from his wife. He shared that he used to travel to Australia to meet his son. "When I used to go and meet him, he was allowed to meet only twice that too only for two to three hours. I want my son to be around me. I want to hug him," he said

Mr Dhawan and Aesha Mukerji married in 2012. Both Aesha and Zoraver are Australian citizens. Aesha was previously married and has two daughters with her first husband.

Family Court Judge Harish Kumar accepted Mr Dhawan's accusations against his wife after it stated that she was unable to prove the allegations as false. The judge observed that Mr Dhawan was subjected to mental agony by his wife who forced him into being in a "long-distance marriage" by living in Australia and keeping him away from his son for years.