This British Man Nears Milestone Of Becoming First To Run Entire Length of Africa

Russ Cook, known as "Hardest Geezer," is on the verge of completing an epic ultramarathon journey spanning the entire length of Africa.

This British Man Nears Milestone Of Becoming First To Run Entire Length of Africa

Russell Cook is due to finish the challenge on 7 April.

Ultramarathon runner Russ Cook, also known as "Hardest Geezer," is about to achieve a remarkable feat: running the entire length of Africa. This ambitious journey, dubbed Project Africa, will see him become the first person to ever complete such a trek. Cook began his adventure on 22 April, 2023 at the southern tip of South Africa and is expected to reach the finish line in Bizerte, Tunisia, on April 7th. Project Africa is an epic undertaking, spanning nearly 9,000 miles and taking him across a staggering 16 African countries.

Yesterday, he posted on Twitter that he was on the verge of completing his continent-spanning marathon in approximately five days.

"5 days to go. The last 347 days running through Africa have no doubt been the toughest of my life, but such an immense honour," he tweeted.

According to BBC, Mr Cook had originally planned to complete 360 marathons in 240 days.After complications with his visas, health scares, geopolitical issues and an armed robbery, he was forced to change his route, extending the challenge.

Cook's passion for extreme running was sparked by a friend. Since then, he's tackled challenges like running across Asia and even a beer-fueled marathon. Project Africa isn't just about the distance; Cook is also raising money for charities. The challenge is in aid of The Running Charity and has raised 427000 pounds (Rs 4,47,62324) so far.

Despite facing visa issues, health problems, and even robbery, Cook's determination hasn't wavered. His journey has taken him through deserts, rainforests, and mountains, pushing him to his limits. A celebratory party with a performance by British punk band Soft Play awaits him at the finish line. This is one ultramarathon that will be remembered.