"Do You Have A Bad Ex?" US Animal Shelter Presents Unique Valentine's Day Offer

A cat's litter box will be named after an ex-romantic partner at an animal shelter in the US, for a $5 donation.

'Do You Have A Bad Ex?' US Animal Shelter Presents Unique Valentine's Day Offer

The US animal shelter will name the litter box after your ex.

Every business is coming up with ideas for how to capitalise on Valentine's Day as it approaches, but some of the concepts are so unusual that they will surprise regular folks. In the lead-up to Valentine's Day, an animal shelter in Hamilton, Ohio, is now hosting a novel fundraiser by giving participants the opportunity to be spiteful and express their emotions in an outlandish manner.

For just a $5 donation, the Animal Friends Humane Society will name a cat litter box after an ex-romantic partner of the contributors.

"Do you have a crappy ex?" the organisation asked on their website.

"Don't spend this Valentine's Day down in the dumps! Instead, cheer yourself up while making a difference for animals in need!" it further said.

"For a $5 donation, we will write your ex's name in a litter box and give it to the cats, to let them do what they do best! We will be accepting donations from February 1st through February 12th, and on Valentine's Day, we will post a video on Facebook showcasing all of the names we receive, in the litterboxes," the animal shelter mentioned.

This is not the first organisation to introduce an idea of this kind; numerous others are doing the same. The Toronto Zoo Wildlife Conservancy this year introduced a brand-new "name-a-roach" campaign that allows participants to give a cockroach their chosen name.

For a minimum donation of $25 (Rs 1507), the zoo will allow you to name a cockroach after anyone who's ''bugging'' you. In a tweet, the company announced the campaign and wrote, "Roses are red; violets are blue... Is there someone in your life that's bugging you? Give them goosebumps by naming a cockroach in their honour this Valentine's Day.''