IIT Kharagpur Sets New Record In Placements, More Than 1,000 Offers In 5 Days

The first phase of placement at IIT Kharagpur started on December 1, 2019 and continued till December 11, 2019.

IIT Kharagpur Sets New Record In Placements, More Than 1,000 Offers In 5 Days

The IIT Kharagpur students have been able to bag 51 overseas placements in the first phase.

New Delhi:

This year Career Development Centre (CDC) of Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Kharagpur or IIT KGP has created a new benchmark by placing 1,310 plus students in the first phase only and more than 1,000 students got job offers in the first five days of the phase 1. This created an all-time highest placement record in the history of IIT KGP, according to a statement from the Institute. The CDC has received 280 pre placement offers (PPOs) along with 19 offers from Public Sector Units. 

The first phase of placement started on December 1, 2019 and continued till December 11, 2019. 

"Placing 1000 students in just five days (December 05th) of placement and the overall figure of the placement at the end of phase I have comfortably passed all the previous year's record," the statement said. 

"This year the Institute achieved a remarkable growth in the International offers. Students have been able to bag 51 overseas placements. As compared to last year, CDC has achieved an increment of 96% in this area, which is really commendable," the statement added.

The institute also said the participation of more than 215 companies during this period has contributed to this achievement. 

This year, the Institute has witnessed the participation of all types of organizations across sectors. 

Software, analytics, consulting, core engineering companies, banking and finance are the major takers of this year. 

The company mix of the first phase is fairly distributed, and the students got their placements as per their sector choice, though software, data and analytics took the lion's share. 

The software and analytics sector dominates with the total sectoral company presence of 58% whereas core and banking have contributed nearly 30% and 9% respectively. 

The median salary calculated on the available data stands at Rs 15 lakh per annum, the statement said.

In the first phase of placement session Honeywell, Excel, Microsoft, Barclays are the highest contributors where as in the international front Japanese companies top the list. 

On behalf of the institute, CDC, IIT KGP thanked all the recruiters who had visited the campus and took part in achieving these feet.

"Our strategy was to take the pain and enlist more companies on a day than usual. The entire team worked hard to keep up the process smooth with the cooperation of the institute authorities. This gave wonderful results," said Chairman, CDC, Prof. G P Raja Sekhar.

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