This Article is From Sep 27, 2010

UK man bounces to bungee jump record

New Delhi: Jumping Jack is redefined. By a man called James.

British bungee jumper James Field has set a new Guinness World Record for the most number of jumps in one hour by an individual - 42 jumps in 60 minutes. He has not only bested the previous mark, he has more than double the number of jumps. The last record was 19.  

Fields jumped from a crane 160 feet (49 meters) in the air above London, close to the UK capital's famous Tower Bridge.

Watch how he falls:

Good jumping James Field.

For all of us yet to give to the urge of jumping off high places tied to strings, here is a quick lesson found on YouTube on how not to jump.

That was funny.

And to round it off, here's a bungee mystery. Will she jump or won't she?

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