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This Article is From Dec 05, 2022

Data Prone To Leak? Not With India's 1st Super App's Privacy Model

Building on the foundation of data privacy, MYn does not collect, share, or sell user data, and fosters a digital world free of targeted advertisements

Data Prone To Leak? Not With India's 1st Super App's Privacy Model

MYn, India's 1st Super App, was founded on the strict principle of data privacy and elimination of targeted advertisements. Pronounced as “mine” to reinforce the feeling of complete ownership – a super app that facilitates all the use-cases that other existing apps apply and aspires to deliver even more, MYn is designed to protect user's privacy. Being a multipurpose app, MYn's chat feature embodies 100% privacy with no data shared or sold to third parties – entirely eliminating all data-related risks in the chat space. 

The app was conceived keeping in mind the growing issue of data harvesting and theft that social media giants perpetuate and churn revenue from. This tech-driven world that we live in comes with the price of data, with personal information such as browser history, text messages, or even liked posts being shared to third parties to exploit, going in line with the saying, “If you are not paying for the product, you ARE the product”. This, in turn, translates into absolutely intrusive behaviour from business (spam) accounts in the regularly-used chat apps. With ads spamming the chat space and diluting the actual, often urgent, one-on-one interactions, texters are seen to express frustration over the outpour of promotional messages from companies they don't recognise.

Recent news about WhatsApp's 500 million users' data leak has brought the nation to rethink their relationship with the internet. Being the most used chat app in the world, this news resonates with Forbes' 2021 article labelling WhatsApp as the “world's most avaricious data harvester”. It is of no surprise that once data is shared or sold to third parties, advertisers would go to any lengths, with zero regard for user privacy, to manipulate views, emotions, and behaviours for the sale of their product. Smart  phone users assert that if one were to scroll through their WhatsApp, 1 out of every 5 chats appears to be a marketing hoopla by brands cross-selling themselves. Thus, it takes away the real meaning of personal chatting and turns it into a marketing space for businesses to misuse. MYn aims to eradicate this very vicious cycle of data exploitation to create a safer and revolutionary ecosystem with its anti-ad, private chat space. 

To express dissent against data theft, MYn hosted the nation's very first ‘Data Privacy Hour' on the 28th of January, i.e., Data Privacy Day, calling all social media users to take an internet hiatus for 1 hour, as a stand for data privacy. This pause for privacy campaign garnered massive support online with users taking a break from all the commonly used social media apps that are known to sell personal data. Not only did it collectively raise awareness around the importance of privacy, but also enabled dialogue amongst the masses regarding data privacy in today's highly digitalised era. 

Safety from data theft is key if we want to nurture a digital world where users' personal information is not a source of revenue for third parties. Built on this very fundamental, MYn is a super app that allows for multifaceted experience of chat, call, storage, OTT, ride-hailing, and more – making it an ‘everything app'. Absolutely third party-proof, MYn is fostering a digital ecosystem where personal data is not a pawn, and end-to-end encryption in the chat space is true to its claim.

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