This Article is From Mar 12, 2015

4 Africans Allegedly Attacked by Mob in Bengaluru

CCTV footage of locals chasing and allegedly beating the Africans.


A group of African people have alleged that they were attacked by locals in Bengaluru on Monday. One of the men, an Ivory Coast national, has told the police that locals even threw stones at him.

The attack which took place in the Byrathi area of Bengaluru was captured on the CCTV installed in a restaurant.

"Day before yesterday people in Kothanur gheraoed 4 Ivory Coast nationals and an argument ensued. No one has filed cases but we have taken a suo moto case. This was a case of mistaken identity. One African national was creating ruckus and the residents assumed the victims belong to the same group and roughed them up.  But the victims have denied assault. Yet to make arrests. Necessary action will be taken," Karnataka's home minister, K J George said.

The Ivory Coast national approached the police but no formal complaint has been filed. The police, however, say they are taking the matter with the seriousness it deserves.

"An African national came to the police station and said people had thrown stones on him and he received a minor injury. He did not want to register an FIR but wanted to give us the information and ask us to intervene with the people in the area. There have been some issues due to 'cultural differences' in this area. We are taking it seriously and will give the assurance that this will not happen again," Joint Commissioner of Police, Crime, Hari Krishna said.

Despite its cosmopolitan reputation, Bengaluru had seen earlier attacks on students from both Africa and the north east of India. The latest attack has left the city with some very uneasy questions about its attitudes.

Many say that this is a very rare case and that the city remains welcoming. But one attack like this, is one attack too many.