Juvenile raped 'Amanat' twice, once while she was unconscious: police sources

Juvenile raped 'Amanat' twice, once while she was unconscious: police sources
New Delhi:  Five men have been charged with murdering and raping a young physiotherapy student on a bus in Delhi last month. The evidence submitted by the Delhi Police against them in court yesterday as part of its chargesheet includes the results of DNA tests that link the men to the crime that has led to a national cry for change.

A sixth man who was on the bus and has been arrested is in a juvenile home because he is allegedly 17 years old. A bone test will determine if that's correct. But sources in the police say that of the group that was drunk and relentless in attacking the girl and her male friend, he was the most depraved, raping the student twice - once when she was unconscious - and suggesting that she be thrown from the bus after each of the men had sexually assaulted her.

Unless a bone density test proves the teen has lied about his age, his case will be handled at a juvenile court where the maximum sentence would be three years in a reform facility.

Amanat (NOT her real name) and her male friend boarded a bus with tinted windows and curtains after watching a film on a Sunday night. The teenager called out to them as they stood at a bus stop, asking them where they wanted to go.  He said the bus was headed in the same direction.  When the couple boarded, the six men on the bus harassed the girl, asking why she was out at night with a man.  When Amanat's friend tried to intervene, the men used an iron rod to batter him. They used the same iron rod on her when she tried to protect him.  So barbarous was their attack that her intestines were severely damaged.  That is one of the reasons why she would be flown to a hospital in Singapore known for its expertise in organ transplant.  She died there on December 29.

An hour after the couple boarded, they were thrown from the bus.  The attackers allegedly thought Amanat was dead. "Ladki mar gayi (the girl has died)," they said, according to what the young software engineer who was with Amanat has told the police.

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