Delhi police explains the IPL spot-fixing arrests: highlights

New Delhi:  Neeraj Kumar, the Delhi police chief and his colleagues are holding a press conference to explain the modus-operandi used by the three IPL players involved in spot fixing.

Earlier today, three Rajasthan Royal players including Kerala pacer Sreesanth were arrested for spot-fixing in the current IPL season.

Highlights of the press conference.

  • Arrested 3 Rajasthan Royals players and 11 bookies and their assistants in a scam of spot fixing.
  • Modus operandi adopted was that there was an agreement between bookies and players that in a certain over they would give away minimum amount of runs.
  • Bookies also gave them directions that they have to indicate that they are ready to give away those many runs.
  • These indications were in different forms.. take out locket from shirt, take out shirts and vests that you're wearing, put towel into trousers etc etc.
  • They had to deliver the over and give away pre-determined number of runs.
  • First instance came to light during Match held in Jaipur between Pune Warriors India and Rajasthan Royals on May 5.
  • Ajit  Chandila gave away 14 runs in his second spell.
  • Chandila forgot to give the predecided sign, hence bookies couldn't bet. This led to arguments and demand for return of the money.
  • 20 lakhs were given in advance that was to be given to Chandila.
  • Second match in which spot fixing took place was on May 9, in Mohali. It was between the Rajasthan Royals vs KXIP.
  • Sreesanth would give the signal by putting a towel in his trousers.
  • He gave bookies time to bet by warming up and then went on to give 13 runs.
  • Have records of call where it was decided that Sreesanth would give 14 or more runs in the second over of his spell.
  • He would put a towel in his pants as a signal. 
  • Third match where spot fixing was done was the match held last night. Rajasthan Royal vs Mumbai Indians.
  • Ajit Chandila was not playing, he was acting as go between Ankeet Chavan and bookies.
  • Ankeet was asked to give 14 or more runs in the second over of his spell and promised Rs 60 lakh for that. 
  • After Ankeet Chavan's over there was a conversation between Ajit Chandila and the bookie. It was decided whatever was to be given to Ankeet Chavan would go through Chandila.
  • We had teams at the venues as players could give signals during ad breaks as well.
  • Sreesanth was arrested from Carter Road in Mumbai.
  • Ajit Chandila was arrested from the Inter-Continental hotel in  Mumbai.
  • Ankeet Chavan arrested from Hotel Trident.
  • 2 bookies arrested from Inter-Continental.
  • We had information that Mumbai underworld is contacting bookies and players for fixing.
  • No evidence of the involvement of Australian player Shaun Tait.
  • We don't know who started the whole thing but from experience I can say that bookies spot talented and vulnerable people who will compromise. 
  • It is a coincidence that players of the same team have come under our radar, but we cannot say that it is not happening in other teams. 
  • We were the ones who informed the IPL administration about the fixing. We did not get any info from the IPL or the BCCI. 
  • Our probe will show whether we need to contact Enforcement Directorate (ED) or other agencies. 
  • We have been tracking this case since April and since then only these three players came under our radar.
  • Further arrests likely to be only bookies. No more cricketers. 
  • Mastermind of this is sitting abroad.  
  • Batsmen of opponent teams ruled out as no evidence found against them.

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