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15-year-old Malala Yousafzai was shot by the Taliban in her schoolbus in Swat, northwest of Islamabad three weeks ago. The child activist had blogged against the Taliban's ban on girls' education and schooling.

NDTV has asked Indian school children to write letters to her. They will be delivered to her family in Birmingham, where she is recovering at a hospital.

Here's a letter to Malala:

Dear Malala,

This is Rusha from Bangalore, India.

Today in schools, we learn about History, Math, Science and Literature. But after hearing your story, I’ve learnt something from you. Courage!

We’re all so used to deriving inspiration from people who are older than us that we never fully imagine how big an impact a young girls’ actions can have. A person’s strength and ability to stand up for what is right does not depend on their age. And that’s what you’ve taught the entire world.

As youngsters, we tend to look up to parents, teachers even fictional characters for inspiration. But now, we’re all looking at you. Because you stand for something that millions die for: Hope.

Yours Truly,
09-November- 2012

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