This Article is From Jun 15, 2012

Woman jailed for plotting daughter's murder

Moscow: A 73-year-old Russian woman has been sentenced to two and a half years in jail for plotting the murder of her daughter over a property dispute, RIA Novosti reported.

Khaniya Ziganshina of Tatarstan region was found guilty of preparing to organise a contract killing. She would serve her term in a standard-regime prison, and official said.

The pensioner decided to hire a hitman to kill her 47-year-old daughter because of disputes over a flat in 2012.

However, an ex-convict neighbour she asked to help carry out the scheme, instead alerted the police.

The woman was arrested after an undercover policeman posing as the killer met to hand over photos from the supposed murder scene and receive the first part of the payment, 27,000 rubles ($900).

The woman denies the charges.