This Article is From Aug 01, 2022

Russia Trolled For Releasing Tourism Video That Mocks West

The video has gone viral, but divided the internet. While some people find it funny, others have attacked Russia for invading Ukraine.

Russia Trolled For Releasing Tourism Video That Mocks West

The promotional video posted on social media by Russia mocks the West.

Russia has released a video that appears to mock the sanctions slapped on it by the western countries for invading Ukraine. The video invites people to move to Russia, which has "delicious cuisine, beautiful women and cheap gas", according to the text supers. The clip has been posted on social media handles of Russian embassies across the world and ends with a message "don't delay.... winter is coming". Russia has faced global condemnation for attacking Ukraine to stop it from joining West-backed military alliance NATO.

The 53-second clip titled 'Time to move to Russia' begins with a voice which speaks in English and saying, "This is Russia". The video then promotes Russia's "delicious cuisine, beautiful women, cheap gas, rich history, unique architecture, fertile soil, cheap electricity and water, ballet, cheap taxi and delivery, traditional values, hospitality, vodka."

There is no "cancel culture" in Russia and it has a rich history and literature, it further said.

Just before ending, the footage mentions that Russia has a "strong economy that can withstand thousands of sanctions".

The video has gone viral, with thousands of users posting comments.

"Really funny. Appreciate the dark humor," a Facebook user commented. "I'm going to send this video to Europe and their western friends," said another.

Many slammed the country for attacking Ukraine. "I was really waiting for the part where they would say this is russia- the country which can attack in the middle of the night, kill 1000s innocent Ukrainian and made millions homeless overnight," said a Facebook user.

It's been more than five months since the Ukraine invasion began and despite the heavy losses their forces have suffered and the strict sanctions, Russian forces are putting on a brave front.