This Article is From Aug 17, 2023

Pilot Dies In Bathroom On Miami Flight, Forcing Emergency Landing

When the plane landed in Panama, first responders declared the pilot Captain Ivan Andaur dead.

Pilot Dies In Bathroom On Miami Flight, Forcing Emergency Landing

Captain Ivan Andaur, the pilot, was 56.

A pilot died after collapsing in the bathroom of a commercial flight from Miami to Chile with 271 passengers on board. This prompted an emergency landing in Panama on Sunday night, which was carried out by the co-pilot, Independent said in a report. Captain Ivan Andaur, the pilot who died, began feeling unwell three hours after the LATAM Airlines flight took off. He was given emergency treatment by the crew, but they were not able to revive him, the outlet further said.

When the plane landed at Panama City's Tocumen International Airport, the medical experts rushed to check on the pilot but declared him dead. Mr Andaur was a veteran pilot with an experience of 25 years.

"LATAM Airlines Group reports that flight LA505 yesterday, which was on the Miami-Santiago route, had to land at the Tocumen International Airport in Panama due to a medical emergency for one of the three members of the command crew. When the plane landed, emergency services provided life-saving help, but the pilot sadly passed away," the airline said in a statement on Monday.

"We are deeply moved by what has happened, and we extend our sincere condolences to the family of our employee. We are deeply grateful for his 25-year career and his valuable contribution, which was always distinguished by his dedication, professionalism, and dedication. During the flight, all the necessary safety protocols were carried out to safeguard the life of the affected pilot," it further said.

The flight left Panama City on Tuesday and continued on its journey towards Chile.

According to New York Post, Mr Andaur was 56.

It quoted a nurse as saying that they did not have the "necessary or sufficient supplies to perform a good resuscitation".