'Legitimate rape' Republican Todd Akin loses Senate race

'Legitimate rape' Republican Todd Akin loses Senate race

Missouri US Senate candidate, Rep. Todd Akin votes at his polling place, Star Bridge Christian Centre. Credit: AP

Washington: Todd Akin, US Representative for Missouri's second congressional district, has been defeated by Democratic Senator Claire McCaskill in a key seat where the losing Republican candidate triggered a firestorm with comments about "legitimate rape."

Mr McCaskill's victory denies Republicans a seat they'd hoped to pick up before Todd Akin's comments.

Democrats have picked up two Senate seats from the Republicans - Elizabeth Warren in Massachusetts and Joe Donnelly in Indiana - while the GOP has lost three seats, including to an independent in Maine.

As of 10:45 p.m. Eastern time, Democrats had locked up 45 seats, Republicans 42, including 67 seats not up for election. Democrats now hold a 53-seat majority, including two independents who align with them.