Indian Community In Malaysia Praises PM Modi's "Progressive" Leadership

During the event, the dignitaries said PM Modi fulfilled the aspirations of millions by building the Ram Temple at Ayodhya and reconnecting youth with India's rich heritage and culture.

Indian Community In Malaysia Praises PM Modi's 'Progressive' Leadership

India has been 'aggressive and progressive' under PM Modi's leadership, Daljit Singh said (File)

Kuala Lumpur:

Distinguished voices of the Indian community in Malaysia on Sunday hailed Prime Minister Narendra Modi's "strong and progressive leadership" for the country's 'rapid transformation' during the last 10 years and his "vision of a free, open and inclusive Indo-Pacific region".

Speaking at a Sadbhavana event (event for religious tolerance) titled 'India's Global Odyssey for Communal Harmony and World Peace' in Kuala Lumpur on Sunday, eminent dignitaries, business leaders, vice-chancellors, academicians and members of the Indian community attributed India's ascent to global prominence as a testament to the nation's advancement in technology and economic prowess under PM Modi in past 10 years, the Indian Minorities Foundation (IMF) stated in a press release.

The event was organised by the Indian Minorities Foundation (IMF) in association with the NID Foundation in the Malaysian capital.

During the event, the dignitaries said PM Modi fulfilled the aspirations of millions by building the Ram Temple at Ayodhya and reconnecting youth with India's rich heritage and culture.

At the event, a 'Malaysia Resolution' was also passed, with the Indian community pledging their support for India's progress and actively contributing to PM Modi's vision of a Viksit Bharat (developed India) by 2047. A book titled 'Igniting Collective Goodness: Mann Ki Baat@100', which is an account of PM Modi's dialogue sessions with India since October 2014, was also launched at the Sadhbhavna event.

Rajya Sabha MP and IMF convenor Satnam Singh Sandhu presided over this event, which was attended by India's Deputy High Commissioner to Kuala Lumpur, Subashini Narayanan and NID founder Himani Sood, as well as other dignitaries and esteemed members of the Malaysia-based Indian community, the Indian Minorities Foundation stated further in its release.

At the event, the members of the Indian community hailed the "most successful Indian Prime Minister, whose good governance is behind the country's impressive growth story and inclusive development, which has led to the upliftment of 25 crore Indians out of poverty during the past 10 years".

The Indian community said they now feel proud to be aligned with PM Modi and a rising India under his leadership has boosted the self-esteem and confidence of non-resident Indians and persons of Indian origin.

Hailing the country's growth, ASEAN Indian Business Council co-chairman Ramesh Kodammal said India has been growing aggressively in different sectors in the past 10 years, adding that Malaysia and ASEAN nations want to be part of India's growth story. He recalled PM Modi's first visit to Malaysia after assuming office, according to the press release.

"India is really growing fast today. In the past 10 years, the GDP figures have moved up, infrastructural development has moved forward and trade with India has improved. The trade between India and Malaysia has surpassed the USD 100 billion mark today and trade figures with other ASEAN nations are also increasing. This shows there is a positive sign coming ahead," he said.

"India has got various platforms; the digital platform is moving forward, pharma platform and infrastructure all moving forward. Malaysia and ASEAN Nations can participate in India's growth story. On his first visit after becoming PM, Modi ji came to Malaysia in 2015 and he was very positive about the linkages of India-Malaysia and ASEAN nations, he felt that there is something in Malaysia and the region and that we could work together to improve ourselves and move greater heights which has been happening now," he added.

Daljit Singh, former Senator in the Upper House of Parliament of Malaysia and a businessman, said India has been 'aggressive and progressive' under PM Modi's leadership, adding that the country is "all over the universe today."

"Under Prime Minister Narendra Modi, India has not only been aggressive but very progressive. India is all over the universe today; top CEOs and top 100 companies of the world today operated by Indians. We have a lot to learn and a lot to approach," Daljit Singh said.

"India's leadership has gone to a level where recognition is beyond imagination today. More than 25 crore people have been moved out of poverty in India under the Modi government; this is indeed a very big number. I want to congratulate the Indian government for significant strides made in all sectors and hope to continue this strong link all the time," he added.

Mr Sandhu said India has embarked on a new era of transformation under PM Modi's leadership. He stressed that Malaysia lagged in progress despite gaining independence a decade after India.

"Despite Malaysia gaining independence a decade after India, our nation significantly lagged in progress compared to Malaysia's rapid success and development. The key factor behind this divergence was leadership, a quality Malaysia possessed but was unfortunately lacking in India," Mr Sandhu said.

"However, in the last 10 years under the leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, India has embarked on a new era of transformation that has astonished the world. A significant development has been the newfound self-confidence that has been fostered in India, which was previously missing. Earlier, doubts prevailed regarding India's ability to combat corruption, foster progress, and cultivate capable leadership, but these notions are now being challenged, instilling confidence among Indians - both in the country and abroad - that India is changing and is poised to emerge as a global leader," he added.

Suhasini Narayanan said India was poised to become the third-largest global economy by 2027, noting that 248 million people in India have been moved out of multidimensional poverty during the past nine years.

"We must be proud of New India's majestic strides on the global stage today. India is poised to become the 3rd largest global economy by 2027 - one of the fastest-growing economies expanding three times the size of the global average. Over the next decade, about 25 per cent of the incremental workforce will come from India," Narayanan, said.

"During the last 9 years, 248 million people successfully moved out of multidimensional poverty in India. Notably, policy reforms focused on manufacturing, agriculture and infrastructure, digital public infrastructure, innovation, and startup ecosystem mark the rise of New India. India is a powerful voice in the global stage today," she added.

She noted that India has shown the world the spirit of 'Vasudhaiva Kutumbhakam' with a firm focus on human-centric progress rather than GDP-centric progress. She added, "India is moving forward in the role of 'Vishwa Mitra' (friend of the world) in a fast-changing world, where it is being looked at as a trusted friend, a partner who believes in people-centric development, and a Voice that believes in the global good."

Koh Swe Yong, secretary general of the People's Party of Malaysia, said, "India is playing a big role in promoting and restoring peace and harmony in the world today. The relationship between India and Malaysia assumes greater significance as we both have multi-racial, multi-religious and multi-lingual societies. When the entire world is at war, we can become that force to promote and restore peace and stability in the world order. We can learn a lot from the Modi government in the sense that the remarkable work he has done for communal harmony and peace in India. Today, owing to the global leadership role that PM Modi assumes, the entire world has become his family."

Pardeep Batra, founder of Spice Garden Restaurant chain in Malaysia, praised PM Modi's 'visionary leadership' for India becoming the fifth-largest economy, adding that the country is soon going to become a developed nation.

"PM Modi has ensured Sabka Sath, Sabka Vikas not just in India but all across the world today. Modi has brought India on such a level today that India's passport value has gone so high. With unprecedented growth and development of India, Modi has brought India on a world map which earlier powers could not do," Batra said.

Satesh Khemlani, chairman, Finterrra Group of Companies, Malaysia, said India has witnessed a transformation in all sectors under the leadership of PM Modi. Khemlani noted that India's supremacy in Asia and the world has witnessed transformation as the country charts course to become the third-largest economy in the world."

Praising PM Modi for India's growth, Mr Khemlani said, "It's been heart-warming to see the growth trajectory of India in the past 10 years under the Modi government. Growth was there earlier but it was sluggish and not significant to the Indian community, changes were there but minimal. But in the past 10 years of Modi government, India has seen the transformation in all sectors; now growth is not just in terms of economic growth or infrastructural development but now the development in India is people-centric."

A group of 'Bhartiya Nari Shakti' in Malaysia, expressed gratitude to PM Modi for recognising the need for women's prosperity for the nation's prosperity and progress, which was never even considered important earlier. Indian women in Malaysia further stressed the need for continuity of PM Modi's leadership for another 10 years for women's empowerment and India's overall development, similar to the progress over the last 10 years under him.

NRI Youth in Malaysia said they eagerly await PM Modi's third term as PM. The Election Commission of India (ECI) earlier announced the dates for Lok Sabha and four state Assembly elections. Phase 1 of the elections will be held on April 19, and the last date for submitting nominations is March 27. Polls in the opening phase will be held in 21 states and Union Territories.

Aseem Saxena, an IT sector professional living in Malaysia for six years, said, "We are really waiting for Modi ji's third term as the Prime Minister so that he comes and takes the country further ahead. The 150 crore citizens of India have no words to thank PM Modi for development in all sectors of the economy for the first time since Independence. Today India has a global reputation and we are getting recognized in the whole world. I request all to go and vote for PM Modi above caste and religious considerations."

Varun Manik, a technology manager in Malaysia, praised PM Modi-led government for India's rapid growth in infrastructural development and digital IT sector. Manik stressed that UPI payments were introduced that ensured cashless transactions and helped curb corruption. He noted that India's Vaccination diplomacy that supported the world during the Covid-19 pandemic put it on the global map."

The Sikh Community in Malaysia expressed gratitude to PM Modi for his efforts towards the country's progress and the welfare of Sikhs. Calling themselves 'Modi Ka Parivar', a group of Malaysian-based Sikh community members praised the efforts of the government led by PM Modi for actively engaging and collaborating with the Indian community in Malaysia, particularly with the Sikh community.

"PM Modi has taken significant initiatives for the Community over the last 10 years, such as opening the Kartarpur Corridor after decades, which has facilitated visits to Nankana Sahib for the Sikh community. The Sikh Community in Malaysia anticipates a promising future ahead under the leadership of PM Modi," the Sikh community in the country said as per the press release.

A retired Colonel in the Malaysian Armed Forces, Jharan Singh noted that India has undergone tremendous development since PM Modi assumed office in 2014. "This period has witnessed unprecedented progress, particularly in terms of infrastructure, with a large number of new airports, medical sciences institutes, and IITs, all established across the country under PM Modi's leadership."

Lauding PM Modi's leadership, he added 'Modi hai toh Mumkin hai' (With PM Modi, everything is possible) and 'Malaysia Bole-Iss Baar Phir Modi Sarkaar' (Malaysia says India will have a government led by PM Modi again).

A group of Tamils in Malaysia praised PM Modi for his visionary leadership, saying, "Tamils in Malaysia stand with PM Modi. He has brought tremendous glory to the country over the past decade, and in the upcoming elections, we anticipate his return to the premiership for further progress of Tamil Nadu, for the progress of India", according to the press release.

An NRI from Tamil Nadu who is a lecturer in Malaysia's Sunway University, Sathish Kumar VE, said, "It's been wonderful to see India's growth story under PM Modi since 2014. The digital side of India is growing very fast in various sectors including education and health. The reputation of India has grown after Modi became the Prime Minister. Unlike in the past, our Prime Minister Modi's name is glowing at the global stage and the Indo-Pacific region. I hope PM Modi will get over 400 seats in the coming elections."

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