Hurricane Fiona Hits Canada: 5 Facts To Know

On Saturday, Hurricane Fiona barreled towards Eastern Canada's Nova Scotia nearly a week after devastating parts of the Caribbean.

Hurricane Fiona Hits Canada: 5 Facts To Know

Hurricane Fiona made landfall in eastern Canada's Nova Scotia (Picture credit: AFP Photo)

Hurricane Fiona is one of the biggest storms of the Atlantic basin season. The storm is now ripping through Canada's eastern seaboard. The storm has wiped out power to most of Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island on Saturday.

Here are 5 facts about Hurricane Fiona

  1. The NHC said, “Fiona is expected to affect portions of Atlantic Canada as a powerful hurricane-force cyclone today, and significant impacts from high winds, storm surge, and heavy rainfall are expected.”

  2. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau called the storm "a bad one," adding it "could have significant impacts right across the region."

  3. Fiona killed four people in Puerto Rico earlier this week, according to US media, while one death was reported in the French overseas department of Guadeloupe and another in the Dominican Republic.

  4. Canadian Hurricane Centre meteorologist Ian Hubbard told Reuters, "The center of it is one thing, but the weather that's associated with it in terms of the rain and where all the strong winds are, it's going to be over a much larger area." Adding, "Many, many places away from the center of the storm is still going to be seriously impacted by this."

  5. Canadian authorities had sent emergency alerts in Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island. The authorities warned people of severe flooding along shorelines and extremely dangerous waves. People in coastal areas were advised to evacuate, said AFP.

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