This Article is From Aug 23, 2021

Watch: Who Should Come To Kabul Airport? US Government's Video Advisory

A US State Department spokesperson has appealed to the thousands thronging the surroundings of Kabul's Hamid Karzai International Airport to leave.

Watch: Who Should Come To Kabul Airport? US Government's Video Advisory

The US State Department spokesperson said the process of "inviting" will take time.

New Delhi:

With desperate crowds looking to flee Afghanistan showing no signs of thinning at the Kabul airport, the US government, which still controls the facility, today asked people not to go there unless specifically instructed to.

In a video released by the US State Department, a spokesperson asked people thronging the area surrounding the airport in the strife-hit country's capital to leave if they do not have a "verified invitation".

"If you do not have a verified invitation, you will not be allowed into the airport or on to an evacuation flight. If you do not have an approval for a flight, you should leave the area surrounding the airport immediately," the spokesperson said in the short video.

"For your safety, the safety of your family, and others, please do not come to the airport at this time without a verified invitation...Please understand, however, that this process will take additional days."

The official said instructions have been given out to those associated with the US government and looking to leave.  

"If you are a US citizen, US lawful permanent resident, immigrant visa applicant, or are affiliated with the US government or have received specific instructions to travel to the Hamid Karzai International Airport (HKIA), follow the instructions you have been given," he said.

"Additional US partners will be given instructions on next steps...Do not come to HKIA until you have been contacted."

Thousands of people, including Afghans and Indians, have been thronging HKIA, looking to flee Afghanistan even since the Taliban terrorists took control of the country a few days ago.