This Article is From Mar 30, 2023

College Student Stabs 17-Year-Old Girl To Death In A Mall Parking Lot In US

The incident occurred in a far northeastern neighbourhood of Columbus, Ohio.

College Student Stabs 17-Year-Old Girl To Death In A Mall Parking Lot In US

Teen stabbed and killed by another teen in north Columbus.

An 18-year-old girl has been detained and charged in connection with the fatal stabbing of a 17-year-old girl in Ohio, United States. This news has come out at a time when the Nashville school massacre has already shaken the United States, which has experienced multiple incidents of school shootings in the past years.

According to Fox News, Bryanna Barozzini allegedly stabbed 17-year-old Halia Culbertson on Sunday near a strip mall in East Columbus. Columbus authorities rushed Culbertson to the hospital with a single stab wound; she died "a short time later." Barozzini has been released on $750,000 bond after being charged with murder.

This is the second case of violence against teens in the US in the last week. A few days ago, a heavily armed former student killed three young children and three staff members in what appeared to be a carefully planned attack at a private elementary school in Nashville on Monday, before being shot dead by police.

Chief of Police John Drake named the suspect as Audrey Hale, 28, whom the officer later said had been identified as transgender.

Hale left behind a manifesto, had maps of the school detailing surveillance and entry-exit points, and was "prepared for a confrontation with law enforcement," the police chief told reporters following the latest outburst of gun violence to stun the United States.

In an interview with NBC News, he said the suspect was likely plotting a broader attack, as the manifesto "indicates that there was going to be shootings at multiple locations, and the school was one of them."

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