An incubator for abandoned babies

Budapest: Viktoria is a normal healthy new born child just a few hours old. Lying snuggled up in a cot in Budapest's Childrens Hospital; her vital signs are monitored while she sleeps.
Nothing out of the ordinary in that. But Viktoria is special.

She's the first baby rescued from an outdoor incubator specially set up for abandoned infants.

"We noticed that someone was ringing the bell of the incubator," says Dr. Ferenc Fekete, of Heim Pal Children's Hospital in Budapest. "My colleagues immediately went out and found the little girl, she looks healthy, more than 3.5 kilograms," he says.

The incubator is situated in a quiet side street... set into the wall of the hospital.
Mothers, who want to leave their child in safe hands, and remain anonymous, are encouraged to ring the 'baby bell' to alert the hospital staff.

Dr. Ferenc Fekete of the Heim Pal Children's Hospital said the baby was fine and had gone through the necessary medical examinations. "so far she seems to be healthy, she is getting the proper routine treatment of those who are born out of the ordinary way. We named her after ourselves, Viktoria Madarasz, of course.

The baby has been named after Viktoria Madarasz, the street in Budapest where the hospital is situated.

Viktoria arrived without any form of identification. Now she is a star.
She would stay at the hospital for a few weeks, after which she would be given for adoption.

By placing the child in the incubator the parent implicitly gives the baby away and declares permission for the child to be adopted. The waiting list for adoption in Hungary is around 1700 couples.

The hospital hopes that this initial success will encourage more mums who, for whatever reason, choose not to keep their newborn child.

And the hazards to unwanted babies left on church doorsteps, especially in Hungary's bitterly cold winters, could become a thing of the past.