"Half-Baked Justice": Kerala Journalist Siddique Kappan Leaves UP Jail | Read

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  • Published On: February 02, 2023
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Siddique Kappan, a journalist from Kerala held in custody for more than two years without trial after his arrest in Uttar Pradesh, was released today. He had been in jail for over a month after he got bail in the two cases filed against him while he was reporting on the alleged rape of a young woman whose death sparked nationwide protests in 2020. "This is half-baked justice. Journalism is not a crime. I will continue my fight against draconian laws. They kept me in jail even after I got bail... 28 months after a long fight. I don't know who's benefiting from my being in jail. These two years were very tough, but I was never afraid," he told NDTV after his release from the Lucknow jail.

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