Electric Vehicles: Driving A Green Future

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  • Published On: September 26, 2021
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Electric vehicles (EVs) are powered by electricity, not fossil fuel. EVs have little or zero tailpipe emissions and are also more stable in case of collisions. However, there are few choices. The initial investment in EVs is steep and some governments do not provide subsidies. EVs are also not suitable for cities facing shortage of power. On the other hand, the service costs of fossil fuel vehicles increase significantly over the years while the fuel efficiency tends to decrease. Recently, a Bengaluru EV owner hauled his e-scooter to the 5th floor kitchen for charging. Efforts though, are being made to make up for lack of charging points. The world's highest EV charging station was installed in Himachal Pradesh's Kaza this month. Green mobility firms have also been demanding that GST on input components be reduced. The future is electric, we ask industry experts and EV users about the challenges ahead and what India needs to do.

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