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Stay Ahead of the Game with Wall Street Forex Robot: Your Partner in Forex Success

Wall Street Forex Robot combines human smarts with computer accuracy to help you make money all day in the currency market

Stay Ahead of the Game with Wall Street Forex Robot: Your Partner in Forex Success

Wall Street is a name! We think of certain TV or movie scenes when we hear something about trading with or doing business in the financial market and how to be successful at it. People with white, blue, or gray collars scream, wave their hands, and throw papers around. At the end of the day, they drive their sports cars to their penthouses or homes. Wall Street is a sign of achievement!

As the use of algorithms and financial markets grew, professional traders and software writers joined forces to make Wall Street Forex Robot. This Expert Advisor, like many others, helps people who want to make money on Forex around the clock and act right away on situations that could be profitable, which happens a lot in the foreign exchange market.

Traders will find it easier to do business with the Wall Street Forex Robot automatic system. There is a chance of making money in automatic mode if the assistant is used correctly and responsibly. To fix it, improvement needs to be done regularly, and risks need to be kept within acceptable ranges.

Expert Advisor for Wall Street Forex is a difficult but adaptable trading system that uses well-known and tested analytical tools and models to handle positions and funds. Of course, Wall Street Forex Robot lets the user run trades without having to sit in front of the screen.

Wall Street Forex Robot - brief description

● Multicurrency scalper (can work with five currency pairs at the same time): GBP/USD, USD/JPY, NZD/USD, EUR/USD, and AUD/USD

● MetaTrader 4 is the platform;

● Time frame suggested – M15;

● Open 24 hours a day

Wall Street Forex Robot's Work

What the experts who made the expert guide are doing to find entry points into the market is a secret. We do know, though, that the robot scalps the market, which means it makes a lot of deals. The robot also has a news filtering module that picks safe behaviour during times of very volatile moves. It also figures out the market state (whether it is in a trend or a flat) and the volatility of the pair. Tests show that the best pairs for Wall Street Forex Robot to deal with are GBP/USD, USD/JPY, NZD/USD, EUR/USD, and AUD/USD.

When we look more closely at the robot's settings, we can see blocks that are used to set up current variable indicators, such as the Moving Average (MA), Williams Percent Range (WPR), Average True Range (ATR), and Commodity Channel Index (CCI). Seeing this group of signs makes you think that its behavior is based on how these indicators work together, like how risk and money are managed.

The Moving Average is the main tool used to sort the signals here. When it comes to changes in market volatility, the ATR measure shows them. If you want to trade, the CCI and WPR are the best places to look. The robot checks the information from the indicators on each closed candlestick because of these factors before starting a trade

The advisor's main settings

Magic: This is the parameter that tells the difference between positions opened by the expert assistant and positions opened by other experts or by hand.

MaxSPREAD is the widest spread that the expert advisor will allow when it makes a move. If we set this parameter to 5, for example, the expert planner will only trade when the spread is below 5. It will not trade when the spread is above 5.

Slippage is the chance that points will move and slide.

StealthMode is on, and the fake TP and SL are on. When it is off, they are off.

CloseOnlyOnProfit: If this parameter is enabled, the expert advisor's method is bypassed and positions will only be closed if the TP/SL is attained.

NFA: Traders who are registered in the US need to set this up.

SecureProfit: When a certain number of points of profit are reached, the expert assistant will change the order to breakeven plus X points, where X is the SecureProfit setting.

SecureProfitTrigger is the number of points that are needed to make the SecureProfit function work.

UseCustomPair: If you want to use the expert advisor with a currency pair it doesn't allow, flip this parameter on.

UseSettingsFrom: This parameter tells the expert planner which known-good pair to use if you want to use it on a pair it doesn't support. You can choose between EURUSD, GBPUSD, AUDUSD, NZDUSD, and USDJPY.

FixedLots is the fixed lot level that the expert advisor will trade at. In AutoMM, 0 sets this option.

Automatic Money Management (AutoMM) sets the lot size based on the risk that is defined. Set off if the number is greater than 0. For every $1,000 in the account, 0.01 lots will be used to figure out the lot value if the number is 1. Let's say the value is 10. To figure out the lot, use the method 0.01 lot for every $100 in the account, and so on.

RecoveryMode: If this parameter is set to "on," the expert advisor will trade with a bigger lot size after a loss until the losses are made up for.

AutoMM_Max places a cap on the AutoMM parameter. In this case, if this value is 20 and AutoMM is 30, 20 will still be used.

MaxAccountTrades: This parameter lets you set a cap on how many trades can be open at first.

FridayExit: Set this option to true if you want the expert advisor to close all of your positions by Friday before the weekend.

LastTradeHour: The robot can hold trades until the given time on Friday (the FridayExit mode must be on). It uses the time on your MT4 interface.

ExitHour: All jobs will be closed by the robot at a certain time on Friday (the FridayExit function must be on).

In conclusion

Wall Street Forex Robot Trading Advisor can work on 5 instruments at the same time and is a multi-currency scalper. His work is based on an algorithm made up of several linear indicators and oscillators. You can change the settings for profitability and risk with the help of a money management system that is easy to customize.

When trading with an advisor, you should keep in mind that there are a lot of risks and that you need to keep an eye on the settings all the time. This article is only meant to give you information.

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