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SecureMyScholarship - The Dubai Based Edtech Startup That Is Bringing Dubai Universities To Students In India, founded by Dubai residents Craig and Ian Fernandes in November 2021, is on a mission to disburse $100 million in university scholarships looking to study in the USA, UK and Dubai.

SecureMyScholarship - The Dubai Based Edtech Startup That Is Bringing Dubai Universities To Students In India

Indians are very specific when it comes to Education. And why not? A good degree can decide a child's future and provide numerous opportunities for students to excel in their respective fields. Most students in India plan to move abroad because of the better infrastructure, education, and career opportunities available in foreign countries. The most favorable destinations for Indian students are the USA, the UK, Australia and Canada, and one more significant location is Dubai. With the booming economy of Dubai, it has become a hub for education, commerce and trade, which is why many Indian students are turning to Dubai as an alternative higher education destination for their further studies., founded by Dubai residents Craig and Ian Fernandes in November 2021, is on a mission to disburse $100 million in university scholarships looking to study in the USA, UK and Dubai. Originally from Mumbai India, this father-son venture aims to create a fair chance for students from all walks of life to access scholarship opportunities for quality higher education. In a short span, the company has grown to a team of 25 across five countries and secured over $500,000 from investors who support their mission to democratize higher education.

Affordable higher education possibilities for India's youth are a major concern in a country where quality higher education is typically considered a privilege restricted only to the more affluent. Many aspirants have given up on their goals of enrolling in top-ranked universities across the globe due to the hefty expenses of studying overseas. Unfortunately, due to an extremely high concentration for seats in quality India-based institutions, the only path for young Indians to fulfill their potential is to explore and be exposed to universities worldwide that offer competitive courses with much more seat availability. Sadly, when presented with this opportunity, most parents are only concerned with finances and how they will be managed.

This is where SecureMyScholarship comes into play. The popular edtech platform has quickly made a name for itself by connecting students with scholarships at universities worldwide, allowing thousands of students from deserving families in India, the UAE, and other countries to realize their dreams of receiving a quality higher education from a top-ranked university.

Education is the only hope for a better life for millions worldwide, and supporting this more significant cause is essential. SecureMyScholarship, according to co-founder Craig Fernandes, aims to make top-tier universities accessible and affordable to all students through improved scholarship matching and transparency. As of October 30, 2023, the young startup has assisted students from over 20 countries in securing scholarship opportunities and has connected students with over $7 million in scholarships.

How Does SecureMyScholarship Work?

SecureMyScholarship, in collaboration with its partner universities, provides prospective students with guaranteed scholarships and fee waivers to help them bridge the financial gap. It connects students with qualified university scholarship options quickly and easily by utilizing a cutting-edge scholarship search matching process that pairs students with scholarships from its network of over 80,000 courses offered by universities in the United States of America, the United Kingdom and the United Arab Emirates.

One of SecureMyScholarship's particular focus areas is universities in Dubai, the startup's home city, because of the availability of branch campuses of top-level universities such as De Montfort University, Heriot-Watt University and The University of Birmingham from the UK, Rochester Institute of Technology from the USA, and Murdoch University and the University of Wollongong from Australia, who have all opened campuses in the fast growing desert metropolis. These branch campuses offer the same standard of education as at the parent university in their respective countries, yet cost roughly half the tuition, have a much more liberal visa system, and are many thousands of miles closer to home.

When visiting, prospective students can easily search the platform for scholarships in USA, the United Kingdom, and Dubai and refine their search by location, program, academic level, and budget. The platform stands out in an industry known for its opacity, and places a keen emphasis on transparency and clarity. Each university's platform page contains a comprehensive list of all fee waivers, bursaries, and scholarships available to students. After deciding on their university choices, students can use to apply directly to the university and scholarship by completing a short application that takes less than five minutes from start to finish. SecureMyScholarship has a dedicated support team who ensure that every application is complete and ready before sending it to the university for final review.

Students usually receive scholarship confirmation and offer letters from universities one to three weeks after applying through And the best part? Applying to university and securing a scholarship through the platform is completely free for all students from start to finish, with no hidden fees.

According to Fernandes, the team works daily to make every student's dream a reality. They connect students with scholarships, assist students in selecting their desired course based on their aptitude, and even help them finalize their enrollment at the university of their choice. Fernandes says his mission is to change the lives of hundreds of thousands of students around the world, and transform higher education into a level playing field.

About SecureMyScholarship, an innovative ed-tech startup based in Dubai, was founded to enable students from India, the UAE, and worldwide to pursue quality higher education while minimizing their tuition fees. The platform's cutting-edge scholarship search engine aims to lower the cost of a high-quality education by connecting students with scholarships at international universities. SecureMyScholarship has changed thousands of lives and distributed over $7 million in scholarships since its inception in November 2021.